Let’s pickle vegetables

It is so good when you know there is home made pickles in your fridge.
You can always add this to your dinner as “one more taste” or “one more colour”

So! When you get vegetable, why don’t you make pickles?
When colourful vegetable meets vinegar, beautiful reaction will happen!

This is one of my favorite vegetable for pickling.
Colourful turpip ♪♪

First, cut them into bite-size pieces, just like this.

Then put them into suitable jar. (Please use hot water-heated jar with lid)


Then, pour sweet vinegar, (rice vinegar + sugar = make it your favorite sweetness vinegar)
No need to pour a lot of vinegar, just little bit is fine !!!, which is like…1 cm from bottom probably.
Gradually, water will come out from vegetable and your jar will be filled with liquid.

This is little tip for you!
Then store the jar up side down for first few hours.
When you open the jar, the upper part of vegetable is totally pickled if you put jar up side down ;-p
Later, you can just store the jar normally.

And~~~ that’s it.
You can enjoy home made pickles anytime you like.


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