Making Miso in Melbourne (Vol.2)

This is the report of making Miso in Summer. Is it reckless?
In Japan, we normally make miso during Winter (or early Spring),
so it might be a not good idea. but who cares.
I have reasons to try.
First, I know that I will have Miso shortage if I wait next winter to make my own Miso.
Secondly, I wanted to try it, purely. I want to know it it works in Summer Melbourne.

I used same Salt & Koji for this time as before,
but of course, any salt, koji would be fine. (Better to get good quality one though)


Cook soaked soybeans until it become REALLY soft.
Make sure soybeans is REALLY soft.
From my experiences, I realised this is very important for miso making.


While cooking soybeans, prepare salt and Koji.
Here, this is my first try.
(There are so many ways to make miso)
Make salted water first (use water from cooking soybeans pot) and mix with Koji.

Looks wet. Yes, it is wet.

When soybeans become really soft, then mash them.
For mash soybeans, there are several ways.
For example,
You can put them in the plastic bag them mash them by hand over the plastic bag.
You can simply mash them like mashed potato.
You can use Suribachi(すり鉢)
You can use food processor.

I used Suribach this time!


However, my sribachi is very small (><).
It is full of soybeans~. Therefore, I had to divide soybeans into several times.
Then, move mashed soybeans into another bowl.


If you mash really well, your miso become smooth miso.
If you mash roughly, then your miso become chunky.
It is your preference, really.

When you mashed all soybeans (good work!), then mix it with koji in salted water.


Now, mix well! Fun time~~!!!



When you think “it’s enough!!”, then make small balls like this.
Miso balls!


Now, put them into container.
It’s better to use big container, but I wanted to try to use small container,
which I think appropriate size for Melbourne miso lovers.
I used yoghurt containers like these.


Clean containers well. By hot water or by alcohol.
Then, put your miso balls into the container! Another fun time!!



Fun, isn’t it?
At last, make the surface flat.


Seal well. Shut all air!!


Use a bag of salt as weight.


Then wait~~~~!! for another 6 to 12 months!!
Result will be reported later.



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