Molds in Miso !! ~ 3 months later ~

Man! This is the shock! (Ga~~~~~n !!!!!!)
Found molds on my 3 month old miso!!

I know exact reason why I’ve got these molds.
When I made this miso (last Feb), I didn’t seal well for one container.
Why? Just because I didn’t have enough salt!!!
I was planning to buy more salt later, but forgot it and left it as not enough salt weight.
To confirm that, another container’s miso was fine.

I regret 3 months ago that I didn’t work properly for my miso.
Well, well well. Now I need to treat my miso with molds.

When you have molds like these, don’t be panic.
There is a solution!! Don’t give up.
No need to say good-bye to your miso. You can still make them alive.


If molds can be seen only on the surface, just take all of them!!


Make sure you take all molds, then it will be fine.

These are the molds which were on my miso’s surface!!
(Actually, this is first time for me to have molds…so I’m bit shocked to be honest)
3 different kinds of molds. Mmmmm.

But I know it’s going to be all right.
Check the smell.
If it is still beautiful miso smell, nothing to worry.
My miso has nice miso smell. Yes, it’s ok.

Now, treatment 1 : Put some salt on surface and edge.

Treatment 2 : Wipe container with clean paper.

Treatment 3 : Seal well. Make sure shut all the air out. Put weight (salt) on Miso.

The reason why I use salt as weight is….
Salt is easy to change its shape.
It fits any shape of container.
Salt is cool and able to reuse !!!

Put salt into plastic bag. This weight salt can be any salt.

and covers all miso surface with salt in bag.



Make sure whether all the surface is covered by salt bag. Tightly packed.CIMG9057

Fu~~, it’s done now.
It should be fine this time.
Wait for a few months more!! Sleep well, my sweet miso.

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