Veggie & Baby Octopus Miso Stew


Getting cold in Melbourne. Good season for stew.
What about nice and hot yummy stew for this weekend?

Prepare before band.
Dip octopus in Shio Koji over night or even 1 day.

This step is not difficult, but make obvious taste and texture difference.
Shio Koji (Koji bacteria) makes octopus softer!!
Shio Koji (Koji bacteria) increase Umami in octopus. Means this octopus become yummier!!

Let’s start cooking Miso stew!
I tell you first, it is very easy !! Basically, just cut vegetables and cook in the pot!

First, make “Dashi”. Soup base.
No need to prepare everything thought.

Konbu (Seaweed)
Shiitake mushroom
Bonito flakes
Small dried fish
Dried Daikon (White radish)

This is Dried Daikon. ( It’s home made)

Put all in the pot and pour water. Soak them for 3 hours if you can.
(If you don’t have time, you don’t have to wait for 3 hours. Just start cooking straight away)


Then cook over low flame.

While you are making Dashi soup, cut the vegetables. Then add all vegetable into the Dashi pot.

Oh, and zucchini, too!!



Add baby octopus as well!

Add Miso paste.

You can melt Miso in ladle.

Cook for 45 min in low flame. Cook gently and slowly.
It goes well with both rice and bread.
Very soft octopus (thanks Shio Koji!). It is amazingly full of flavor.


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