Red Shiso healthy drink


Amazing colour. It is natural colour, reaction by vinegar !!
VInegar magic.
It seems Red Shiso (red perilla) is effective for many things, such as improving eye sight, protecting from allergy, beautifying skin, etc !!

Moreover, this drink is yummy and make you refresh.
You can enjoy both hot and cold.

If you have Red Shio, why don’t you try to make this drink?

It’s easy.
Cook Shiso leaves in the pot.


Then take all Shiso leaves out from the pot.
You only need this liquid after you cooked Shiso leaves. In another word, Shiso soup?

Add some sugar.

Then pour vinegar.

If you use fruits vinegar, the taste become more mild.
I used Apple vinegar.

Right after pouring vinegar, you can see the colour changes, from dark brown to amazing red colour.

Pour this liquid into the bottle to store. Keep in cool place.
If you add lemon juice at the end, it become nicer fresh flavor. ( I prefer with lemon!!)

What you made is liquid concentrate ♪
When you drink, just pour a little bit in your glass, then drink with water or soda water.


In summer, you can put Mint leaves on top with ice cubes.
It is nice refresh drink.
Good for party drink, too.



2 thoughts on “Red Shiso healthy drink

  1. I’ve got some green shiso growing in my yard. I bet it would taste really good too, even though the color will be less magnificent!
    The ancient Arabic people and Romans liked drinks like this, sweetened with honey.

    • Thank you for your comment.
      It’s nice to have shiso in your garden, isn’t it? Try with green leaves and let me know about it.
      I didn’t know this drink was liked by the ancient Arabic people and Romenas! What a interesting!! Thank you.

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