Grilled rice ball ~Soy sauce flavor~

For your healthy snack, why don’t you try one of Japanese soul food.
It’s Yaki-Onigiri, means grilled rice balls.


You can make this when you have leftover rice from last night.
Good, isn’t it?
(Both white rice and brown rice works well)

First, make rice balls.

Prepare soy sauce.
Why we want soy sauce?
Yes !! We want Umami for rice ball ♪♪

Then put your rice ball on the soy sauce plate.
This is so lazy way…by the way. Proper way must be…using cooking brush.

Turn it over.

Make sure all of the surface has soy sauce.

Ready to grill. Put them into the grill.
Touch them gently otherwise it breaks easily.

Grill both sides until it becomes golden colour!!

Enjoy while it is still hot.
Smalls beautiful from the grilled soy sauce.


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