Miso soup ~Japanese everyday soup~


There are many saying about Miso soup in Japan.
“A cup of miso soup in the morning is a great detox”
“Spend money to the Miso shops, not to the doctors”
“Miso soup is the elixir of life” etc.

All means Miso soup is good for you!

Miso soup is NOT a special soup.
It is everyday’s basic easy essential soup.
Why don’t you make Miso soup more casually?

There are many different ways to make Miso soup,
There are many different ingredients to use as well.
There are many different variations, that’s why it is fun to make, depend of your feeling, you can create your own Miso soup.

At first, prepare Dashi, soup base.
I use seaweed, Konbu! Crack them into small pieces.
(Because I want to eat this Konbu as well, as one of ingredients)

And then, I use bonito flakes, too.
I prefer thick one, but today I run out of it, so used thin one.

And~~ I also use dried mushroom, Shiitake.

I use many things for making Dashi. It makes deep flavor. So yummy.
All of them (Konbu, Bonito flakes and mushrooms) become ingredients of Miso soup, so that’s OK.
This is your preference. You can only use one of them or two of them.
If you like, you can add more different one ♪ Enjoy Dashi world!!

Now, pour water into the pot. Leave the pot few hours if you can.
(If you don’t have time, that’s OK. Just go to next step)
When dried mushroom become soft, you can cut it like this.
What I am trying to do is,,,,eat everything, even stone of mushroom.



If you can cut it into small pieces like this, then it now become ingredients. It is not rubbish anymore.
Heat up the pot in low heat.

Main ingredients for today’s Miso soup are….
Onion and potatos~~!


Cut them and add into the dashi, in the pot.

Then heat it until boiling.

Once it cooked, turn off the heat and add Miso Paste.
(If you have an interested in making your own Miso, click here)


It is really nice if you can add 2 different type of Miso, if you have more than 1.
It bring you a deep flavor.

Te dah~~.
Today’s Miso soup.
Onion and Potato Miso soup.
Add spring onion on top if you have.


Because we are all busy, it is better if it’s “Easy” to cook.
But,,,you are what you eat!!
What you eat everyday is very important.
So, it is better if it’s “Nutritious” and “healthy” as well as “Yummy”.

That is my theme in cooking.
I hope you are also enjoying “Easy”, “Yummy”, “Nutritious” and “Healthy” cooking with this blog!!

2 thoughts on “Miso soup ~Japanese everyday soup~

  1. Last year,I went to a Japanese cuisine restaurant and I tried tasting the miso soup.At first,it felt weird and I don’t like it much but after a few tries,somehow I came to like it. 🙂

    • Glad you tried few times!
      It is really good souse of vegetable protein in easy digestive way.
      You can also put lots of vegetable in Miso soup.
      It is called Eatable Miso soup.
      The vegetable makes the Miso soup taste very different,
      so you can try many different version and find your favorite one.

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