Grilled Salmon ~ Awesome Koji benefit !! ~


Typical Japanese breakfast set !! Rice, Miso soup and grilled salmon.

This salmon is amazing! It is not just a grilled salmon.
It have to be marinated with Koji !!! (Ama-Koji or Shio-Koji)
The flavor will changed dramatically.

I cannot go back to normal salmon any more.

Koji is amazingly full of enzymes. It is often said “Koji is a mine of enzymes”.
One of the main enzyme in Koji is called “PROTEASE“.
This enzyme works for protein in food, such as salmon.
It makes food soft (one process of digestion).
The protein which was broke into small pieces converts to amino acid, which is Umami.

To shorten, Koji makes protein softer and yummier.

But! The Koji has to be raw, not the one with heat sterilisation,
because heat sterilisation will kill protease function of breaking down protein into small pieces.
Most of the Ama-Koji and Shio-Koji from shop in package are sold after heat treatment.
Therefore, you need to make your own one at home so that you can get all benefit from Koji.
(Here is how to make your Ama-Koji and Shio-Koji)

So if you have salmon at home, maybe try to marinate your salmon with row active Koji once.
Preparation is nothing compare to how yummy the salmon will be.


At first, put the salt on the salmon and leave for a while.
Get rid of water/liquid from salmon. Wipe well.

Then place your salmon on the kitchen paper. Covered your salmon with it.
Put your Ama-Koji or Shio-Koji onto it.

Then wrap it.

Leave for over night at least in the fridge. Even 1 or 2 days.
You can even keep in freezer if you prepared a lot.

Just grill the marinated salmon !!
You will find the difference already when you are grilling. Smell beautiful.
But be careful, it will be burnt easily.
Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 0.55.28


2 thoughts on “Grilled Salmon ~ Awesome Koji benefit !! ~

  1. Hi!

    I just finished my first batch of shio koji and I marinated some chicken in it. I rinsed the shio koji off of the chicken before I grilled it because I didn’t know if you were supposed to cook it with the marinade or without. Do you just leave it on?

    • Hello, Megan. Congratulations on your first batch!! Now you can have lots of fun with it!!

      I usually wipe off shio-Koji by hand when I cook if I marinade something directly.

      When you marinade something with shio-Koji,
      you can also use kitchen towel or thin cloth.
      Wrap something by kitchen towel or thin cloth, then put some shio-Koji around it.
      Good thing about using them is you can save shio-koji, because little amount of shio-koji will be
      spread all over evenly.
      Also, you don’t need to rinse or wipe off shio-koji!
      After marinated, just take the cloth off, then put them in to the grill.
      I think this is easier.

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