Japanese horse radish “WA SA BI”


You may already know what these plants are.
Yes, it’s Japanese wasabi. Roots of wasabi.
(You can enjoy all of wasabi plant from leaf to root)

This is the leaf part.

and this is the root part.
Depend on the size, the price will be decided.


Sometimes, you can find a little shop like this by roadside in Japan.
It says:
3 years wasabi (Grandpa ) : Current price
2 years wasabi (Dad) : 500 yen
1.5 years wasabi (Older sister) : 400 yen
1 year wasabi (Younger brother) : 300 yen


When you get these wasabi roots, how you can handle it?
You need grating, but it is better NOT a iron product.
Shark skin one is highly recommended.
It is rough/sandy feeling, braking wasabi cell well so that you can get better smell and taste.


Look, how creamy you can grate wasabi!!


When I was little, my dad took me to the mountain, and we dug wild wasabi !!
It was beautiful little creek in the mountain.
I also found Japanese freshwater crabs in the creek while he was looking for wild wasabi.

Nowadays, there are many wasabi farms where have enough clean water from mountains.
I saw them a lot in Izu, and also in Azumino.
This Daio Wasabi farm is the famous wasabi farm in Azumino.
It is free entry and you can enjoy beautiful scenery of wasabi farm surrounded by Japanese Alps.






Not only for its fragrance, wasabi is also famous for antimicrobial activity.
Make sense to use wasabi for Sushi !!

One of my favorite sushi is wasabi roll.
It is very simple. Thin cut wasabi root will be the only ingredients.
It refresh you up, so many people order this nori wasabi roll to finish their sushi meal.


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