Home made miso after fermentation ~ 4.5 months later ~

Still too young, but starting to use this miso.
(Because… just run out of my home made miso stock!)


This is 4 months miso, and slightly light colour, so I decided to call it ” White Miso”.
Can you see the colour difference?
The one in spoon is the older one (1 year old). Darker, isn’t it?


Taste is …still little bit young, but already yummy.

This is the miso from Making Miso in Melbourne Vol.2 ,
which I prepared in February 2013. Remember?



But now it looks like this!!

I fell like this miso’s graduation day.
Deeply moving !!

Since this is living and active Miso, it keeps growing if you leave on room temperature.
See what happened.


Can you see the liquid around the container?
It naturally overflowed out of a container.

The reason is obviously, I put to too much miso in container,
but another reason is… this miso is living miso and it keeps fermenting.

I left it in room temperature because I still wanted my miso to ferment and grow,
but normally, you can keep your miso in fridge to stop the fermentation.

My miso is living miso~~♪♪


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