Simmered Spanish Mackerel in Miso


Fish actually goes well with miso.
Especially, a little bit of sweet miso.

Simmered mackerel in miso is one of the famous Japanese home dishes. Taste of mum!
The other day, I’ve got Spanish mackerel, so I tried to simmer it in miso,
it goes well, too!! Do you want to try it too?


Cut the spanish mackerel into bite size pieces.

To get rid of smell of the fish,
blanch the fish by pouring boiled water.

Then soaking in iced water.

Cut spring onion, 4-5 cm long.


In the pot, place water (1/2 cup), sugar ( 1.5 table spoon), Sake (2 table spoon) and bring it to boil.
Once it is boiled, put the fish in. Then add a little bit of soy sauce (1/2 table spoon)



Mix miso and mirin in a cup.
Miso=2 table spoon, Mirin = 1 table spoon.
Take some liquid from above mentioned pot to make miso sauce softer.

Add the miso sauce to the fish pot.

Add cut spring onion, sliced ginger, too



Use the small lid (drop lid) in the pot, then simmer the fish for about 10 min. (Low-medium heat)


It can be nice main dish for your tomorrow’s dinner ♪♪



3 thoughts on “Simmered Spanish Mackerel in Miso

    • Hello Ken, sorry for my late reply.

      It seems like hot water can get rid of sliminess, fishy smell etc., from surface.
      I think this is just like hot shower. (to clean our body)
      Hot shower can get rid of dirt, oil, smell….rather than cold shower.
      Using hot water is not the only method to get rid of fishy smell.
      Using salt, Using vinegar, Using sake(alcohol), cook with ginger, herb, grill, soak… there are many methods. It often combine these methods.

      I have never thought about the actual reason WHY, but I checked.
      Thank you for the opportunity.
      I’m not the scientist, so I don’t think I can explain well, but here is what I learned this time.
      Scientifically, there is a substance called Trimethylamine.
      It cames from Umami substance.
      After fish died, bacteria’s enzyme will create Trimethylamine from Umami substance.
      This Trimethylamine is the cause of fish smell.
      This trimethylamine has volatility.
      Therefore, using hot water and alcohol is effective.

      If anybody knows better explanation, let me know! Thanks!

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