Visiting kilns in Gifu ~ It’s a Mino world~

When you think about Japanese cooking, Japanese tableware cannot be ignored.
It is actually such a important element to enjoy Japanese food.

When I moved to Australia, I shared a kitchen with other Aussies,
then realised how few eating utensils are used in the house.
Plates – big and small.
A bowl for soup or serials.
A cup for tea of coffee.

Mmmm, what a simple tableware!
Easy for washing (especially auto plates washing machine)
but not quite satisfactory when trying to dish up Japanese food.

In Japanese cooking, even it is home style,
lots of different tableware is used.
It is normally NOT A ” one plate dish ”
Plates and bowls are one of the point to enjoy Japanese food.

So anyway, I decided to visit famous place for pottery and porcelain to find beautiful plates while I am traveling Japan.

Tajimi city & Toki city in Gifu are famous for Mino-yaki (Mino pottery), which didn’t have many influences from other countries. Gifu is so inside of Japan geographically, far from seaside.

This is one of the kiln called ” Sawa gama “ and he is the potter, Potter Kani.

He was very nice to us and explained a lot about pottery.
Temperature, methods, grazing, also kilning. It was very interesting.
Thank you very much, Mr. Kani!!

His beautiful work. Casual tablewares.
Of course, all hand made.
From small size to bigger size, in same series.
Just beautiful.

This is typical shape in Japanese bowl called, Katakuchi(lipped bowl).



This is his studio.

wow-very neat.

He also showed us his kilns.


It is a climbing kiln, built in several connected sections on a hillside.
It normally takes 1 week to bake plates and pots in this kiln, all day and nights.
Use lots of woods.

You need to look after the temperature (inside of kiln) all the time,
therefore once you start baking, you can’t sleep even taking turns.
What a hard work.

There are side windows.

Here is some more his artwork.





These bottles are glaze mixing bottle.
I found them in many places in this area.

?? Oh, little guest, a grasshopper !!

His studio was very nice old style Japanese house.
You can see a thatched roof, which you can hardly find in Japan nowadays.
A valuable thing !!


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