Try “Koji drink” @ cafe in Japan !


“Koji” as a drink become popular in Japan.
Some healthy food cafe or organic cafe serve Koji drinks,
but now you can find a Koji speciality cafe.
Cafe where you can drink Koji related drinks!!!

Here is one of the Koji Speciality cafe you can find in Japan.
This is “KOUJI CAFE” and located in Echigo-yuzawa station in Niigata.
This station is famous for ski resorts area.


All flavors are available for cold and hot,
and quite reasonable price.
Take away OK.

Amazake is the basic/standard one if you want to try.
No sugar added, but very sweet.
This is same as Ama koji, which I introduced in this blog before.
(Please check Ama-koji if you have interest)
It is natural sweetness from rice, but because of Koji effect,
rice become very sweet. What a great change!

I tried Koji-late. Amazake + milk.
It was quite nice, more milky mild.
Lots of different flavors are available.
Green tea, Apple, ginger, caramel, black sesame, soybean flour….
Can you imagine Koji drink with these flavors?
You must try!!


Inside is like this.

And…can you see the mark at the back?
There is Onsen (hot spring), too !!

Wow, such a Onsen country. (Nice!)


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