Making Miso in Melbourne (Vol.6)


Miso making workshop last weekend.
She gave me such a beautiful smile after all!!
What a great present. Thank you for joining this workshop!


We are going to use this high quality Rice koji this time.
(About this Rice Koji, check my previous post : This is the RICE KOJI !! Report of all hand process Rice Koji shop in Niigata )


This is the salt we are going to use this time.


Let’s get started.
First, mix Rice koji and salt well.

Soybeans were prepared in advance.
Soaked and cooked.

Now just mash them and make soybean paste !!

Add salted Rice koji to pasted soybeans.

Mix all well by hands.

Then make balls.



Put balls one by one into container.
Try to get rid of any air!


Sprinkle some salt on top.

Place salt as weight then finish!!


Miso making workshop is available now.
Please contact me if you are interested.


7 thoughts on “Making Miso in Melbourne (Vol.6)

  1. Hi,

    I wonder what exactly do you use for “weight”? It looks like a plastic bag filled with something?

    Thanks for your help.


      • Thanks Happa. I’ve visited Fuji Mart last weekend but they say that they don’t sell koji. But i’ll try Hinokin Pantry next time. What are the differences between frozen koji and dried koji? Which one is better for making miso or shio koji?

      • Hi Happa,

        Thanks for the info. I’ve tried Fuji Mart last weekend but they said they do not sell them, but will give Hinokin Pantry a try. What are the differences between dried and frozen koji? When making shio koji or miso, which type of koji would give a better result?

      • Oh, there were no Koji at Fuji Mart? That’s unfortunate. Last time I visited, it was there….
        Yes, try Hikoki Pantry.

        Normally, we see raw Koji and dried Koji in Japan.
        I think frozen one you can find here in Melbourne is raw/half-raw Koji type.

        It is said both raw and dried koji have same Koji effect, but people says raw Koji’s aroma is much better.
        In my opinion, Koji’s taste and aroma will be very different from each brand, rather than raw or dried.
        Depend on the ingredients, methods, hand made/machine made… a lot of elements make different in taste and aroma

        Both dried koji and raw koji is good to use making Miso/shio koji.
        We don’t really have option here in Melbourne, so you can probably try both. You will know which brand you like.

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