Simmered daikon & salmon. What a great combination


Daikon is one of the great veggies to cook so many different ways.
It goes well with other veggie, also fish and meat.
This is one of the recipe from “with fish” version.

Here is Daikon.

Cut into small pieces, shape you like.

Put them into the pan.

Add some water.

Add salmon!
I normally use marinaded salmon with Shio-Koji,
but you can use simple salmon, of course.
Salmon fillet is pricy, but you can buy the other part than fillet.
Sometimes near the bone, near the head and near the fin.
It is cheaper and yummier.


Slowly cook.

Add seasoning. Soy sauce and Mirin. Cook for 10-15 min.
(until Daikon become soft)
(Try adding Shoyu-koji if you have. It gives more umami)
If the salmon is unsalted salmon, add salt, too.
(You can use Shio-koji in stead of salt)


Leave it until cool down.
While it is cooling down, the taste goes into daikon.
Daikon will contain all umami and yummy taste from the soup.

This looks still young.
Believe me, it become more yummy next day!!
So…it’s good to make a lot at once.
Hope you enjoy Daikon dishes.


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