Tuna tail steak ~Garlic Teriyaki sauce~

If you have a chance to go to the fish market, get tuna tails.
That cheap tuna tails turns into yummy dish with Soy sauce.
And it is very easy.


Tuna tail

Soy sauce, Sugar, sake.
Mix them all.


Oh, and potato starch if you have.

Lightly coat the tuna with potato starch.


Well, let’s start cooking.

Cook the chopped garlic & ginger with bit of olive oil on the pan until you can smell nice fragrance.


Take the garlic & ginger from the pan and set aside for a moment.
(The garlic & ginger will be used later)

Grill the surface of the tuna tail.
This steps help to contain Umami flavor inside!!

Both side.

Then put the lid on, broil it thoroughly.

When it is cooked, pour the mixed sauce (Soy sauce, sugar, sake) with garlic & ginger you used for the oil previously.

Cook it until the sauce become little bit thicker.
(Just a few minutes)

Now prepare garnish.
It is not only garnish, it is to be eaten.
Super food, Daikon!!

Daikon is great vegetable to eat with fish,
It is because Daikon removes the fish smell.
ALSO!! Enzyme in Daikon will help digest fish protein,
but remember, it has to be raw Daikon.

Therefore, we often use Daikon Oroshi (graded Daikon) when we eat grilled fish.
To make Daikon Oroshi, we use special tool.
There are some different style ( I might introduce some of them later),
but today I use plate type.


The point to make yummy Daikon Oroshi is, make(draw) a circle on the plate.

Eat graded Daikon with this yummy Tuna tail!

Hope you enjoy ♪♪

2 thoughts on “Tuna tail steak ~Garlic Teriyaki sauce~

  1. *Sugoi!…The dish looks tempting as always 🙂
    Btw,I don’t understand why must sake is added in making the seasoning.What is the function of putting sake anyway? Any other ingredients that can substitute the sake?

    • Sake, we use it because Sake has natural flavor. It has Umami, it has savor.
      We often use to make the dish in order to bring out its flavor.
      When you cook with Sake, all the alcohol will burnt off.
      So we basically want only Umami or savor from Sake, not alcohol.

      Substitute will be water.
      Or you can just skip Sake if you don’t want to use it.
      I’m sure you can still make yummy dish without Sake. Try without Sake.

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