Shio-Koji Daikon Steak !

This is really good.
If you have Shio-Koji, please try.
Daikon(White radish) become so sweet and so juicy in just few steps.
It might be my favorite Daikon dish.

Step 1: Cut Daikon.

I used only upper part, because this part is sweeter than lower part.

Cut into about 2cm – 3 cm.

Step 2: Steam them first.
If you have steamer, you can use it.
I don’t have it, so I used normal pan with bit of water.



Step 3 : Prepare marinade sauce. Only 2 ingredients.
Shio-Koji & Soy Sauce.

Shio-Koji (2 table spoons)

Add soy sauce (2 tea spoons)


Then mix well.

Step 4 : Marinade Daikon with this shio-koji soy sauce.



Step 5 : Pan grill them!!


For both side until it become golden.

That’s all. Easy huh?
It’s worth trying. Really yummy. Hope you enjoy this Daikon Steak!!



5 thoughts on “Shio-Koji Daikon Steak !

  1. I have never ate a White Radish before, although I often sees it at the market.I’ll try to make this dish (without fail this time,for sure! ) 🙂 Wish me luck! I have 2 questions,just incase :

    1)Do I have to steam the white radish until the texture goes all soft?
    2)How long I have to marinade the white radish with the shiokaji+soy sauce?

    And,like always thank you for the recipe 🙂

    • Daikon is very easy to cook. You can eat raw as salad, too.
      It is crispy when you eat it raw.

      For your question, here is what I think.
      1) Yes, steam Daikon until they become soft.
      When it steamed, the colour of Daikon will change. It become CLEAR white.
      2) Just few minutes is fine.

      Hope your first Daikon dish goes well!!

  2. Wow, I can’t wait to try this, sounds SO good! I grew a bunch of daikon in my garden this year and this recipe and your tahini daikon salad will be perfect. 🙂

    • Oh, yes. It is SO good for sure. It’s not heavy but become beautiful main dish.
      Wow-, so good to have own daikon in the garden.
      Enjoy cooking with your veggies.

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