Grilled corn – Yaki Tomorokoshi


Such a simple way to eat corns.
If you have a plan for BBQ, try this!

You would love it!

While you are grilling corn, coat soy sauce around the corn with brush.
Just like this.


Until it become yummy golden colour. That’s it, no more process !!
If you have no plan for BBQ,
you can use normal pan in the kitchen as I did in this photo.

Please use good-quality soy sauce.
Simple food tells you the importance of seasoning quality.

I normally use only soy sauce for grilled corn, but you can also use Mirin mixed with soy sauce.
You can enjoy half sweet, half salty taste. Yum Yum.
(Soy sauce + Mirin)

Also, butter is often used for Yaki Tomorokoshi, try it if you like rich taste.
(Soy sauce + Mirin + butter)

Bit into it !!

It is a street food in Japan.
You can find it when you go to festivals.
Smells so good and can’t stand buying it.


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