Ozo-ni !! One of my favorite new year’s dish

CIMG5283It’s a soup containing rice cakes and vegetables.
As I mentioned in previous blog post, it is a New Year’s dish.
Depend on the area, depend on the family, this ozno-ni can be very different taste.

This is my family’s Ozo-ni recipe.
It’s combine of taste from my dad’s family(in Gunma) and my mum’s family (in Fukushima).
Clear soup with some veggies come from dad’s family.
They have lots of citron tree at their house,
so citron skin for beautiful fragrance is essential for them.
Chicken topping comes from my mum’s family. This is called Nikogori (煮こごり) in her area.
Chicken bit is optional topping, so if you are vegetarian, just enjoy without it.
It’s still yummy.

Prepare chicken topping previous day.
One piece of chicken thigh.

Cut it in small pieces.

Put them in the pan.

Seasoning is soy sauce and Mirin.

Just cook them with soy and mirin. That’s all.


Make sure it gets cooked through.

Once it cooked through, put them in a container with sauce.


Then leave it in the cold place.
In mum’s hometown, Fukushima, it is very cold in winter.
She said they just left this chicken in the room which doesn’t have any heater.

But I’m in Melbourne, new year is in summer (even this year is bit cold),
so I put it in fridge.

Next day, it become like this.

Can you see the liquid (sauce) part become gelatinous?


According to my mum, this is the yummy part.

Well, I normally don’t eat meat, however, Ozo-ni with this chicken is exception.
This is such a my family taste to me, so I decided to have this for new year’s celebration.

Now, from here, how to make Ozo-ni!!
So far it was just preparation for topping :-p

Well, rice cakes! It’s Omochi (お餅)
If you don’t make your own rice cake, you can get these packaged one from Asian glossary shop.

How to cook them?

This is again depend on each home, but my family grill/toast them.
Some family boil them.

You can also use flying pan to cook rice cakes.
I used a toasting net here.



While rice cakes become like this, prepare the soup.
Soup stock (Dashi) is whatever you like.
If you are vegetarian, just use Konbu & Shitake Dashi.
If you like bonito flavor, use bonito flakes, too.

In your dashi soup, add some veggie.


If you have green leaf veggie, please add it, too.
It looks nicer.

Seasoning the soup with salt and Mirin.
Also just a little bit of soy sauce for nice smell.

This soup is called “sumashi-jiru”(すまし汁)
It is a clear type soup, seasoning with salt.

Put grilled rice cakes into the soup.

Ready to serve now.
If you like, previously prepared chicken as topping.
If you have, add some finely sliced citron skin (yuzu ゆず)
(I cannot find it in Melbourne though)
Also, Japanese herb, Mitsuba (三つ葉)if you can find.
This smells suddenly brings proper Japanese food flavor. It is so good.
(This is another thing you cannot find in Melbourne, so I used parsley instead, just for looks)


Please enjoy while it’s nice and warm.
Mmmm, I love this.

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