Side menu – Spinach dressed with sesame sauce


This is a typical Japanese side menu.
You can often find it at diners which serve set menus (Teishoku-ya 定食屋さん).
You can also find it in lunch box (Bento box) quite often.

Since this is easy to make, but nutrition rich,
every time I buy spinach, I cook this.

Here is how I prepare it.

Put a pot over the fire.

While waiting water is boiled, prepare spinach.
Wash them well, and make a cut into the roots.

Just like this.
This cuts makes to cook spinach easier.

Once water is boiled…

Put the spinach into the pot, but from root side. Hold like this for few seconds.
Root side need to be cooked longer than leaf side.
Then put all the part and cook it.

Once it cooked, take the spinach from the pot and put it into the cold water.
It stops over cooked. Also keeps nice green colour.

Then place then on a colander.

Now prepare sesame sauce.
This is the mixture of sesame seed, Mirin and soy saucae.
If you like sweet one, you can add a little bit of suger.
Using a suribachi, grind sesame seeds. Then mix them with mirin and soy sauce.
This is the beautiful part of this cooking.
While grinding sesame seeds, you can enjoy nice feeling and sounds of grinding as well as beautiful smell of freshly grinding sesame seeds. I love this moment.

Now, drain the water of spinach, softly and nicely by hands.

Cut the spinach into 3-4cm, them mix with the dressing you have just made.


This is a typical Japanese side menu,
but you can also have this a bit with your western plates. It goes well.

Enjoy on your way.

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