Making Tofu from scratch


It is always fun to make something from scratch.
Tofu is not that difficult to make. Would you like to try?

By the way, I’m always wondering, why the tofu from shop last so long?
When you make it by yourself, it last only a few days.
This one from organic shop for example, until April. Come on, that is more than 2 months away!


When you make something by yourself, you can see what’s in it. That’s really good, isn’t it?
For making tofu, ingredients are very simple.
Soy beans, water and bittern.

First what you need to do is making soy milk with soy beans and water.

Soak soybeans in the water over night.
Mix the soaked soybeans and water in the mixer.

Until it become like this. Smooth & milky.

While you are mixing above, prepare water in the pot and heat it up.
Then pour soybeans mixture into the hot water.

Then cook it with mid to high heat for 10 min.
High heat is better.
We want to make thick soy milk. Not the light one.
Keep stirring it.

After 10 min, put them through a very fine sieve.
I use bowl, strainer and clean cloth (Tenugui)
Make sure you place a big enough bowl under the strainer,
because all the soy milk comes to the bowl.

Be careful, it’s hot!
Can you see? This is the pure soy milk! Your home made fresh soy milk!
Simple soy milk. No sugar, no oil added. Yummy.


A great spin-off from making soy milk is inside of the cloth.
We call this “Okara” – soy pulp.


We can make yummy dishes out of this. Do you want to know how to cook this? Click here.
So don’t throw this “Okara” away. It is full of fiber, really good for you. It’s taste of mum’s home dish.

Well well well.
Making soy milk is the first step.
Next step is making tofu from this soy milk! Exciting.

Put back the soy milk into the pot and heat it up to 75-80℃.

Now you need bittern or “Nigari” – left over after the crystallization of seawater or brine.
You can find it in Japanese glossary store. Ask for “Nigari”

Pour bittern into soy milk,
and stir it one way once, and the other way once.

Leave it for 5 min. with lid on.
Then you see funny things like this in the pot!

That’s Tofu!!

You can put them on the strainer (to get rid of liquid) or use frame to make nice shape.

Again, bowl, strainer and clean cloth (tenugui)


This soft tofu can be served like this. Simply with spring onion and good soy sauce.
You can enjoy the sweetness from soybeans.

Or, make nice shape with frame.
But I don’t have proper frame, so I make shape with cloth, just fold it nicely.


Now I need weight.
I put a little bento box on the wrapped tofu, and put tins on it.

Leave it for 15 min.
Then open the cloth!
This is firmed tofu! Isn’t it amazing?

Cool it by placing in the cold water for one hour.

Cut nicely and serve.

“Hiya yakko”(冷や奴)is good for summer.
If you like, you can put bonito flakes on top!

In winter, Yudo-fu(湯豆腐)is nice, too.









Mabo do-fu is yummy, too!

Hope you enjoy making tofu from scratch!

2 thoughts on “Making Tofu from scratch

  1. I always wondered how to do it 🙂 Thank you!

    I just have one question for you, what is the dosage for the beans, water and nigari?

    Thank you!

    • Hi, Marina.
      Thank you for your comment.
      You can just make 2 tofu from below quantities.
      Soy 280g (soak in 1200cc water)
      NIgari 12.5ml
      Water 1500cc

      Hope enjoy making Tofu.

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