Red pickled ginger 紅ショウガ


It is good to have red pickled ginger. Good colour, feel fresh with your other dishes.
For Okonomiyaki, pan-fried noodle, garnish etc.
So easy to make.

Plum vinegar (Umezu)….100g
Rice vinegar …………50g
Agave syrup…………..25g

This is plum vinegar, you can find it at health food store.

Cut the ginger into fine strips and pour hot water.

Put the cut ginger into the jar, and add all liquid while ginger is still hot.

Keep it in the fridge!

2 thoughts on “Red pickled ginger 紅ショウガ

  1. Yummm!! This is my husband’s favorite topping, I will have to learn to make it from scratch. 🙂

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