Cooking workshop – 3 colours “Don”

Do you know the meaning of  “Don” (丼)?

It is a short for Donburi, which means a bowl in japanese.
Normally, it will be served with something on top of rice in the bowl.
You can find many different type of “Don” when you visit Japan.

In today’s cooking workshop, we cooked the 3-colour Don.
Simply means, you can see three different colour of something on rice :-).
(Also, we made Namasu salad, Miso beans, Ginger cucumber pickles and Miso soup)

To make scrambled eggs very finely, 2 pairs of chopsticks were used!
She said, “Wow, I’m like a Ninja!!”

For ginger cucumber pickles, finely slicing ginger.

And use “Suribachi” for miso beans.
This aroma from using Suribachi for sesame seeds is just so beautiful.

Thank you for joining the workshop!


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