Update on Mirin (Vol.2)


Thank you for waiting this so long.
I received many requests on this progress and result.

If you would like to read previous post, here are the ones for you.
-Making Mirin in Melbourne
-Update on Mirin

After more than 6 months….
Opened the bottles and checked its aroma.

Mirin with Sake.
This is not right!!
This aroma is not right. Not too bad, but not quite right.
When you deal with fermented food, I think it is very important to believe your nose.
Use your five senses, especially sense of smell.
So it was unfortunate, but I gave up to taste this.

What about one with Shotsu??


This one actually smells sweet.
This aroma is good one!! 🙂 Smells just like Mirin.

Good! Now strains it!

At first, with rough strainer.


By the way, the things you got out of this strainer, you can use it for cooking,
especially….as fermentation pickling paste. I use it with fish.

Then with fine cloth.

Here is the freshly squeesed?? mirin!!
Still muddy (ricy?) thought, it will settled later.

Like this.
Times make this more mellow.

I took supernatant liquid and moved to the little bottle.

It’s the Mirin, made in Melbourne!!

I don’t know the real reason why my Mirin with Sake didn’t go well,
but my guess at the moment is alcohol contain % in Sake was too low.
Shotsu has more alcohol than Sake.
Next, I will try again with higher alcohol % contain Shotsu, 35% alc one.


One thought on “Update on Mirin (Vol.2)

  1. Thank you for your update! My rice koji is on 2nd day. Once it’s done, I am going to try this! Thank you!

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