Home breakfast in Japan

Here are some of my breakfast photos at parents while I was visiting them in Japan.
I thought it was interesting to share, because they look very different from western ones.

Now I live in Melbourne and have very different breakie (or even skip breakie) what I used to have with them,
but every year when I visit them, I enjoy typical(?) style Japanese breakfast.

It looks a lot, but many Japanese eat a lot from the morning.
Of course, it needs lots of preparation, but people make it for family.
Sometimes some left over from the dinner might be served.(It often happen in my family)
There is no natto in these photos, but sometimes natto will be served, too. (yum!)

Nothing special, everyday breakie at my parents since I was little.
-Rice with 5 grains
-Miso soup (Daikon + fried tofu)
-Nimono (fish cakes, bamboo shoot, Shitake mushroom, ginger)
-Fish cooked vinegar soy + grated Daikon
-Cod roe
-Rolled egg with spinach
-Cucumber with Shio koji + Japanese herb
-Green tea

-Rice with 5 grains
-Miso soup (egg, Daikon leaf)
Kiriboshi Diakon (Dried Daikon, carrot, shiitake mushroom)
-Fish cooked with Miso, grated Daikon
-Okura with bonito flakes
Ama koji (Amazake)
-Potato salad
-Takuan (Pickled Daikon) and Cucumber Nukazuke)
-Barley tea

-Rice with 5 grains
-Miso soup (Daikon)
-Ama koji (Amazake)
-Grated yam
-Green leaves with bonito flakes
-Cucumber Nukazuke
-Grilled Salmon
-Kiriboshi Daikon
-Barley tea

-Miso soup (Onion)
-Cauliflower cooked with egg
-Cod roe
-Pea with sesame sauce
-Pickled cucumber
-Pickled Daikon

-Miso soup (cabbage)
-Fish cake, onion, carrot cooked with soy sauce
-Teriyaki fish fillet
-Steamed egg plant
-Pickled cucumber
-Pickled Daikon
-crown daisy with enoki mushroom
-Barley tea

-Miso soup (Wakame + tofu)
-Grilled egg plant with ginger
-Grilled egg with lettuce and tomato
-Grated daikon + enoki mushroom
-Pickled Daikon
-Ama koji (Amazake)
-Cabbage cooked with salmon


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