Making Umeboshi (Vol.5)

This final step to make Umeboshi needs 3 sunny days. (Both day time and night time)


Isn’t is a beautiful scene?
Drying pickled Ume plums outside under the sun!! Sun dried Ume = Umeboshi.
In Japan, when rainy season finished, people starts drying pickled ume plums.

While pickling Ume plums with red shiso,
Ume plums would be dyed vivid nice red.
(See Making Umeboshi (vol.4) for previous steps.)

Once they turned to red, just take them from the container and dry them under the sun!
But make sure you check the weather forecast for next 3 days.
Please wear clothe which may be stained red ! And wearing gloves is recommended.



Take Ume plums gently so that you don’t brake these nicely pickled Ume plums accidentally.
Nice and gently.




If sudden rain starts, you need to take these inside as soon as possible.
Rain drops may cause the molds or black spots while preserving.
So, these 3 days, you cannot go out šŸ™‚ Be around Ume !!
Have a nice homey day! Maybe gardening. Baking. Cleaning šŸ™‚

It’s worth to do this, because these Umeboshi will last years and years if you store properly!!

After taking all ume plums for drying, red liquid will remain in the container.
This is the true Ume-zu (Plum Vinegar).
You can find it at the health foods store, but this is the free gift for you by making Umeboshi by yourself.



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