Barley Miso is ready !!


Barley Miso I made this January, is already bringing us so good aroma.
It seems like ready already!!

Barley Miso’s ingredients are simple as well as Rice Miso.

Barley Koji.


This is Barley koji and salt. Mixed.

Cook soybeans until it become really soft,

then mash it. This time I used roller pin.
I sometimes use Suhibachi, sometimes mashed by hands.
I enjoy all different methods.

Make balls.

And put them into the jar.


Look how dark the colour is already.
Smells really good in the room.
Taste sweet. (Not sweet like chocolate!! of course!!)

Oh, I love making miso.


4 thoughts on “Barley Miso is ready !!

  1. Konban Wa Happa, having just got back from a holiday in Japan, you have inspired me to make my own miso. I found another supplier for Koji near my work, not sure if it is a good brand or not. Could you tell me where you bought your Barley koji? I am looking for non-gmo soybeans, if i find some big ones I will let you know. Thanks for a wonderful blog, I appreciate it a greta deal, regards Mark

    • Hi Mark, thanks for your comment!!
      The brand’s rice koji is most popular one in Japanese super market, I guess. (at least Kanto area)
      It is mass produced one, so you can find it almost any supermarkets, which is great
      I personally support handmade one (just because it is good to support someone who try to continue traditional method),
      but my mum likes the brand because it has no strong flavour:-)

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