How to use Daikon !?

People often ask me, “Hey how can we use the white long vegetable??”
This white long vegetable is calaled Daikon (大根)and great in winter.
(but still possible to get summer daikon)
Daikon in winter is sweeter than the one in summer,
and better texture.
Nothing can beat to seasonal vegetable.

Daikon is such a useful vegetable. (MY vegetable ranking No.1)
It can be changed to many different style.

1. Cut – eat in raw. Great in salad!
2. Grated daikon is another way.
3. Of course, you can cook! Sometimes in the soup, sometimes become main dish.

Ok. Salad. Daikon salad is one of my favourite salad.
(Check other Daikon salad recipe – click Daikon salad – Tahini & Soy sauce dressing)

Cut like this.

Add some other veges, too.

I like to have green and red with Daikon.

Actually, great with avocado!! and nuts!!
(This photo looks too much happening, doesn’t it?)


Use any dressing. Soy-ginger, Balsamic, you know, whatever you like.
Easy salad for your healthy life.

Here is another way to use Daikon.


Thinly cut, (if you use leaves, looks nicer in colour and become rich in nutrition) and lightly stir-fry with soy sauce.
Shoyu-koji is even better!
Mmm. yum.

Making dried Daikon is popular in Japan.
Cut/slice, or even whole daikon, then leave then under the sun.
It become rich in nutrition, and you can keep it for a long time.
It was a great idea from old days to keep vegetable for the family.
Preservative food.

This is my entrance door.
I hung Daikon just like Christmas wreath 🙂



It is called Kiriboshi Daikon, (Cut-Sundried-Daikon)
and I already introduced how to cook/use Kiriboshi daikon previously.

Don’t forget to try this yummy Simmered Daikon & salmon.

There are so many other ways to cook it.
I will show you as mush as I can!

Have a great Daikon winter!!
(Spring is almost there!! – in Melbourne)


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