Herb rice cake making – Gulten free

Found wild Yomogi at Merri Creek!!



Yomogi is a old Japanese wild herb, which is so good for our body,
great for detoxing.
At spring time, you can pick up soft sprout and can use for many things.
You can make Kusa mochi, Tempura, steam it, or use for tea.
You can also use this herb for a bath – Yomgi bath.

Yomogi is a group of Chrysanthemum, has specific flavour.
When you pick them from the creek, make sure the other side of the leaf is white.

Yomogi rice cake making is a joy of spring.
In Japanese, we say Kusa mochi.
Kusa means grass, herb, weed.
When we say Kusa mochi, we normally use Yomogi.
Yomogi lives all over Japan, especially around the creek or rice paddy.
Mochi means rice cake.
So, rice cake with Yomogi is Kusa mochi!!

What do you need to make this cake?
Rice flour
Sugar (optional)

That’s it! Simple, easy.
The beauty of Japanese sweets is..we don’t use oil at all.
Also, it is gluten free 🙂

First, pour the hot water into Rice flour and mix.
and make flat ball, like biscuits.
If you put little bit of sugar at this stage,
the mochi’s softness can last longer.


Then, cook the Yomogi leaves. About 1 min.

and make them cool down.

While waiting Yomogi leaves cool down,
cook the rice flour biscuits in the boiling water.
(You can use the hot water which you used cooking Yomogi leaves)
Cook them about 4 min.

Once it is cooked,
mix it with Yomogi leaves.

and mix and knead by your hand!!


See, the mochi paste become green!
So beautiful. Smells great, too.

Then just sqeese them to make a shape.
You can make whatever shape you like,
but this is the really quick way, and also easy shape to eat!!

That’s it. Ready to eat already!!


If you have time, you can cook Azuki beans,
and put them into this Kusa mochi.
That is super yummy, too.

I love this green.
If you put more Yomogi, you can make greener cake!!

Happy Spring!!


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