Morning precious time with Miso toast


Do you start your day with toast?
Have you tried spread miso on toast?

This is the easiest way to use Miso paste,
quick and yummy. It’s healthy and gives you a energy to start your day!
(Make sure you use properly aged miso!)



You don’t need much. Just spread little bit.
If you use butter, it works perfectly.
(Miso x butter is magically works!!)

Do you have avocado today?
If so, you can put sliced of avocado on top of it!
It is more than YUMMY.


Today, I sit outside, had this slice of toast, looked my garden and beautifully blossomed neighbour’s Cherry tree.  Quick. Easy and my body feels so good. It was only 10 min, but absolutely precious time before going to work!



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