Steam-grilled asparagus with Shio Koji

Feels like “Spring has come” in Melbourne.
This is what I felt last week. And this week…back to winter?


We had Australian grown asparagus this week at the shop I work. The first asparagus of the season!! We call it “Hatsumono (初物)” in Japanese and there is a saying with this word. When eat Hatsumono, your life will be extended for another 75 days. Lucky you!

My favorite way to enjoy asparagus is steam-grilled asparagus with Shio Koji. The sweetness of asparagus can be enjoyed as mush as possible, I believe.


Nothing complicated, simple & easy.
Pour little oil into the pan.
Put asparagus onto the heated pan.
Leave it for a minute.
Pour little bit of water and put lid on! (steam-grilling!)
Take the lid off, and mix it with little bit of Shio Koji.
Serve with crushed black pepper.

3 min cooking xx


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