Today’s brekkie


All of sudden, it became cold in Melbourne. And all of sudden, I felt that I wanted to do something “Right for me”, which is to make proper Japanese brekkie.

Under this weather, I prefer cooked veggie. In Japanese cooking, we often use “simmer” technic、 because it is believed that raw veggie (salad etc) will make your body and guts cold, which we want to avoid. Dried food is perfect for simmer food, because we can get Dashi (Yummy stock) from dried food when we soak them in the water!

We often says “Eat 30 different things a day” and it is not so difficult when you eat Japanese food. For example, it’s already 27 from this morning.

Bi-Dynamic short grain rice
Black sesame seed

Miso soup
Dried taro stem (From dad’s garden)
Dried Dikon soaked water (as Dashi)
Dried little fish (as Dashi)
Home made 1 year miso (Soy, Rice koji, Sea salt)

This dried taro stem, perfect preserved food!! I wasn’t fan of this when I was kid, but now like them so much.

After dried, cut in small pieces, and use for soup, simmering…etc all through the year.

Pumpkin skin Kinpira
This is basically the off-skin when I made simmered pumpkin.
Waste food recycle. Every time I cook pumpkin, I make this, just extra 2-3 min work and get another little dish.

Pumpkin skin
Soy sauce
Buckwheat grain as garnish.

Simmered Pumpkin
Pumpkin (from our garden!!)
Shio koji
This is cooked with Shio koji, but check how to cook here. It’s sweeter version.

Simmered Kiriboshi Daikon 
Check how to make here

Kiriboshi Daikon (Dad’s Dried Daikon)
Spring onion from the garden
Goji berries (I wanted to use carrot, but there is none, so use Goji berries to add some colour!)

Pickles 1
Ginger pickled in Rice vinegar

Pickles 2
– Nuka (Rice bran) pickling
Cucumber (From the garden!)
Pink radish
Purple radish

I felt so right after having this meal.
I realised again, beauty of Japanese food is not used “oil” so much, but still very yummy.


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