Garlic Miso

Have you tried Garlic Miso?
It’s pretty good! Once you make it, then it can be used for many ways! Today I was a bit hungry and needed little snack, so I toasted sliced sourdough bread and toss cucumber with garlic miso. Quick and easy snack, and super yummy.

So, how to make garlic miso. Super easy.
Here is my recipe.
6 Table spoons of aged brown rice miso.
2 Table spoons of Mirin
1 Table spoon of honey or 2 Table spoon of Rapadura sugar
1 Tea spoon of grated garlic

Mix all of them and heat it with low until Mirin’s alcohol will be gone away. That’s it. 1 tea spoon of garlic is pretty mild, so you like garlic garlic, you can add bit more garlic.



That’s it. Keep it in the clean jar and store in the fridge.

Cucumber x miso always works well, and of course, this garlic miso is very nice with cucumber. (If your cucumber is not super yummy one, then garlic miso will fix the flavour :-))




No extra cook or anything. Just toss it up and serve.

Aside to that, spread Garlic Miso on toast is very nice, too!

Just a little snack make me happy. Have a nice weekend xx


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