Morning boost – Ama Koji


I normally have miso spread on toast to start my day, but sometimes, it feels like a bit heavy, then I chose fresh fruits and Ama Koji (Amazake / Sweet Koji) for that type of morning.

Cut fresh fruits and mix with Ama koji. If you like, you can spread some favourite flakes for crispiness.  Ama koji is already sweet (natural sweetness from rice – rice has broken down into glucose by Koji during Ama koji making process!!), so you don’t even need to add any syrup or honey.


The Ama koji is high in nutrition (Thanks Koji!!), very very gentle to digest. Instant energy source.

Adding your favourite fruits makes this bowl so fresh and colourful, great for staring your day!  Boost your day up! If you are smoothie lover, you can add Ama koji to your smoothie, and take advantage of Koji in your daily life.

How to make Ama koji -> click here.  In this article (omg, it is from 5 years ago!) , I used rice cooker to make Ama koji, but I don’t have rice cooker anymore! – I tried not to have electrical appliances in my kitchen as much as possible – I simply cook rice with a clay pot now and for Ama koji making, I use the “Suttle chef” from Thermos.

Have a nice day x



3 thoughts on “Morning boost – Ama Koji

  1. Hi, I had bought some koji in February 2017 (at least I think it is koji; I had bought it in a miso shop. The texture is smoother than the shio-koji I seen in your website). It’s been in the fridge, unopened, for the past year. I wanted to use it today but it looked a bit watery. Is it safe to use or should I toss it? I’d appreciate your advice. Thank you.

    • Sorry, I don’t think I can give you advice on this since I can’t see actual product. I am not sure what you actually bought. What about you bring it to the shop and talk to them?

      • I bought it in Japan while on holiday 😊 so I can’t bring it to the shop. I guess the safest thing to do would be to throw it out. Thanks anyway!

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