Vegetarian scallop steak (gluten free)


I love drying Enoki mushroom under the sun.  Doing it almost every week!

Every time I dry it, I make this steak, less waste cooking – using (normally throwing away/composting) lower stem part.


This is Enoki mushroom if you haven’t seen it before!


When people use Enoki mushroom, they cut of stem – 5 to 10cm!
But we can use that part! Very close to the bottom. Change it to yummy dish!


Cut of the very very edge only. Using stem part (very close to the edge) – “THIS PART”  for steak.

Keep this whole cut as it is.



Coat them with potato starch.


Put some oil or butter in the pan, and cook garlic lightly.


Saute the Enoki stem. Prepare sauce – it’s just mixture of Miso, soy sauce and Mirin.


That’s it!

Look at this! Doesn’t it look like scallop?



Not only looks like scallop, it amazingly tastes like scallop!  Great texture. Looks salty? Not at all, it is quite mild.


Enjoying limited sunny time in Melbourne winter.  Hope you enjoy the crisp.




One thought on “Vegetarian scallop steak (gluten free)

  1. Hallo.
    Ich habe heute ihren großartigen Blog gefunden, ich bin so begeistert davon, vielen dank das sie alle diese wunderbaren Rezepte mit uns teilen!!!
    Ich habe sie gleich abonniert das ich nichts mehr verpasse.
    Ganz viele Grüße sendet,
    Jesse-Gabriel aus Berlin Deutschland

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