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Whooooops, I realise that it’s been a while since I last updated this blog post. (I regularly update workshop schedule though…) Nearly 1.5 years now….but I was doing a lot even I wasn’t that active on this blog.  In addition to running my business, I was fermenting lots of things, of course making rice koji and Miso, soy sauce, Mirin, Sake, Kimchi – these my life essential things, but also sea salt making, natural farming style gardening, picking mushroom from the forest, lot’s of Japanese pickling, working on my recipes, making room curtain from old kimonos, natural dying, making soaps, drying food….My days are full of fun crazy things!


Part of my business is running fermentation & cooking workshops. Teaching people how to make miso, nuka zuke, Japanese pickles and other Japanese fermented foods. At the moment, due to COVID-19, I’ve cancelled all of planned workshops, but once this settle down, I will start again as I already got many requests.

The reason why I didn’t (couldn’t) update my blog for a while was my computer! I had lots of issue with my computer, especially my photo storage…. wow wow, all just EXCUSE!!  I will try to post bit more often from now on so that I can share more recipes and…stuff! My instagram and facebook page is more regularly updated so please check x

Before I finish this post, I would like to BIG THANK YOU for everyone who is supported me, worked with me, worked for me, being my kind friends.  I will write about each event in different posts, but just quickly, here are some things/events (no particular order) happened last two years.   I’ve been super lucky to get all of these kind of love & support. Appreciate SO MUCH xx

Firstable, I have been featured on SBS television !!!  (OMG I was so nervous)

Thanks Brotherhood of St Laurence to give me the opportunity to start my life in Australia with this business.  Brotherfood of St Laurence provide free program called stepping stones to small business for women who are migrants, refugees and etc. They also listed my business on their business directory.

Some events from Melborune’s leading fermenting company ; Fermentary.  Founder, Sharon is respectfully energetic and a big heart person, and she kindly invited me to her events. One event called HAKKO, I had a great opportunity to meet great fermenters like Masaru san from Terada Honke in Japan, meet again Nancy Hatchisu, and food lovers, great chefs Holly Davies – the author of ferment yes, the the beautiful purple book! (photo in the middle left and Roger from behind(!!))  and Mellisa from Sake connect, Emma who makes beautiful ceramic pots for ferment from Pom-me-granite…and so more…. Among these people, I ran few workshops at the events. It was one of my big challenge and one of the satisfactional achievement.


Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 4.28.50 PM


Also events from Fermentary & William Angliss institute, part of Sandor Katz Australia tour with Fermentary. Panel discussion : Ferment for hope. Talking about HOPE in fermentation with Sandor Katz, Sharon and ME !!! How amazing opportunity. My big worry was if I understood the people’s question at the stage. But it was ok! Not only MC Kelly, but even audience helped me. What a nice world I’m in 🙂 I gave Sandor my Miso and my garden harvested cucumber.


And finally, my amazing supporter, Global sisters. Global sisters is an organaisation who are amazingly supporting woman in so many ways. Not only migrants but all woman who has some sort of difficulties ( for example financially, physically, mentally, single mum, so many different reasons).  Since I met global sisters team, my life started to change. Look how much I am jumping in this photo !!! ;-p The founder of Global sisters is Mandy, she is such a super woman. I don’t know how much appreciate to her and her whole team. They have my story on their site, written by Daisy Dumas.

This was the SISTER PITCH 2018. My first experience in talking in front of over 100 people. Global sisters always give me the challenge to come out from my comfort zone.

I’ve done this pitch and had amazing support from all attendance, ( I won’t forget the day!) and from Myer, who took  beautiful food styling photos I am using my flyer and promotion. Myers photo team was super nice, and I learnt so much from them. Full of creativity, fun and cooperative.


And also received photography technique workshop with Dianne, from Winky farm. She is Melbourne base, specialised in food photography. She is so cool and so nice. Great person to work with. If you want good food photos taken, she is the one to ask!

Oh and my facebook cover video of me in my kitchen at home! Global sisters also gave me this video opportunity as a The Maker Videos project. Video was taken by Humankind Enterprises.  I want to ask more video for my business to them.

And, Local Food Connect by Guy Palmer! He kindly introduced my business in local directory. Thank you! If you are in North east Melbourne, nice to get this news, great local information. Events,  workshops, markets…even seasonal cooking recipes. Nice be connected! Thanks Guy for your great work!!

And lovely publisher! PENCILED IN.  They are the first one who accepted my writing (as a paid article!!), well it was recipe illustration with writing. Definitely my printed magazine debut!!! Thank you thank you!! I remember I jumped on the day I received the magazine!! I will keep working on my illustration recipes.


I am sorry I have not been adding very much here –  of course more teams and people that I want to mention, Melbourne Farmers Market, Melbourne Food Hub, my mentor, friends, family in Japan, and importantly my husband, who is always supporting me, but you can see more of my activity on Facebook and Instagram where I am much more active.

Take good care. Love you all. See you soon x



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