Japanese Fermentation festival & workshop June

Japanese fermentation festivl : Hakko mini is happening this week!!
We had an amazing Hakko festival 3 years ago in Daylsford, and this year, it will be back in the fermentary pickwick house, Fitzroy north!! It will be a two days event (and we will do it again that’s why, it’s Mini. We’ll do small ones few times), Sharon from the fermentary, Mel from Sake connect, and me Yoko from Cooking with Koji will share the knowledge around Sake, Miso, Natto, Amazake, Katsuobushi…it will be a nice days to talk about Japanese fermentation and enjoy its amazing flavours and benefits!!

Mel, Sharon and Yoko @ Hakko festival 2019

Ticket of this event is still available, we wanted this event nice and cozy, so seats are limited, if you are interested, book & secure your spots now. Day 2, I will be sharing the knowledge around Miso. It will be start from making miso paste session, then making 4 different types of Miso soup & learn about Dashi, then last session is Mochi pounding! We will enjoy Mochi with traditional dipping like Natto & grated Daikon, Red bean paste, Kinako (roasted soybeans) and seasoned with Soy sauce (maybe with cheese!).

Mochi pounding is super rare opportunity to enjoy, it is FUN!!!! Join us and enjoy whole day!

You can buy ticket separately (section by section) but I recommend you to attend all day, because it’s all fun and yummy.
Please book the ticket from here :


So June will start with this festival, and will have some workshops! Schedule is as below. Nukazuke workshop is getting to close to the full, but we have some more spots for other regular workshops.

Please email me at hello.cookingwithkoji@gmail.com. if you want to keep your spot.

It is getting cold here in Malmsbury Victoria, hope everyone is doing well. I am making lots of pickles at the moment. I am trying to record these activities so that I can share with you.

Well, see you soon . Keep warm. Yx


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