Furoshiki wrapping workshop with Japanese afternoon tea

This year’s one of the last workshop was Furoshiki wrapping workshop. Furoshiki is the Japanese sustainable & versatile cloth. So many different ways to use, a very handy thing to have in your bag.
Probably one of my obsession, but I use them so much in so many different ways.

It was fun to share time with people enjoying Japanese afternoon tea, and then work on Furoshiki wrapping!!

For this festive season, I hope more people chose Furoshiki wrapping cloth rather than disposable wrapping. Then next year or any other occasions, the person you gifted with Furoshiki wrapping to, use the Furoshiki again and gift back to you with something inside. Isn’t it amazing? Furoshiki carries you around a joy and thoughts.

Here is some shots from workshop.

This year’s workshops are finished, but of course I will run more next year.

Thank you again for all of the people who participated to my cooking workshops and craft workshops. (And for many of them, thank you for coming back to attend several workshops!!) I really appreciate all of your kindness and bringing joy to the class, and being patient with my English. I learn so much from all of participants and would like to improve my workshops in the future from these learning.

Next year, it will start from end of Feb (I am planning to run the very first one in 4th week of Feb). Once venue booking has confirmed, I will upload the schedule so that you can book for 2023! As I can only have limited number at one workshop, tickets sold out quite quickly, so please stay tuned 🙂

Looking forward to having lots of fun together in 2023.


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