December 2017, we run workshop based on your request!
So please rend your name and requested date & time by filling form at the end of this page.
Schedule from Jan 2018, click here

Workshop 1 – “Miso making (Miso paste making)”
Workshop 2 – “Miso cooking”
Workshop 3 – “Japanese home style cooking – Basic”
Workshop 4 – “Seasonal Japanese home style cooking”
Workshop 5 – “Japanese pickling”

For any Japanese language learners, lessons in Japanese is available, too!! Just let me know 🙂

Making your own Miso paste workshop “
I will teach you how to make miso paste followed by Japanese traditional method and tools. Your OWN miso is the best!
Our most popular & fun workshop. Come along with your friends!

CIMG8953 CIMG8960 CIMG0382.jpg DSC01880

” Miso cooking “
This is the class for somebody who has no idea what to do with Miso.
We will make several yummy miso dishes together as well as learning the benefit of having miso daily.

” Japanese home style cooking – Basic”
Learning about manner around the Japanese food while cooking basic Japanese foods together. Learning about poplar Japanese ingredients, how to prepare them etc. This workshop is for Japanese food beginners.
Please take this workshop before taking “Seasonal Japanese home style cooking”

” Seasonal Japanese home style cooking “
The best part of Japanese food is SEASON. We cook food based on the season,using the seasonal food, enjoy aroma and texture about the season.
Every 2 months, different seasonal menu.
Please take “Japanese home style cooking – basic” before taking this workshop.

” Japanese pickling “
We will make some Seasonal Japanese pickles. Fermentation time!
During summer time, we will make own Nuka bed from scratch so that you can start own Nuka pickling life (Rice bran pickling. Nuka is art of Japanese fermentation.




Workshop location : Preston, VIC Australia
Fee : $80/person (In case you request private lesson $120)
Booking : Please fill in this form below and tell us following;
Requested class
Requested date & time
Contact details

We will contact you within 5 days. If you don’t receive anything back from us, please contact us


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