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A part from below scheduled workshop day, we can run a private workshop at your place.  Would you like to share the unique experience with your partner, friends and family? Birthday party?  Celebration?  Inquiry, please contact from here.

Schedule for August and September workshops are updated as below.


workshop schedule Aug and Sep


For any Japanese language learners, lessons in Japanese is available, too!!
Just let me know 🙂

Making your own Miso paste workshop “
I will teach you how to make miso paste followed by Japanese traditional method and tools. Your OWN miso is the best!
Our most popular & fun workshop. Come along with your friends or kids. It’s fun hands on workshop.

” Miso cooking “
This is the class for somebody who has no idea what to do with Miso.
We will make several yummy miso dishes together as well as learning the benefit of having miso daily.

” Shio Koji making & cooking”
Shio Koji is one of the Japanese fermented seasoning made with Rice koji.
It is called “miracle seasoning” and it is true. It does so many good things!!
In this workshop, you will make your own Shio Koji and we cook some of quick simple dishes using Shio Koji and we eat all the meals we made.

” Nuka duke – Rice bran pickling “
Nuka duke is very very interesting fermentation world. I know many people who are over 80 still say “I am still beginner at Nuka duke”even they are making it every day! It might be your life work!? In this workshop, we will make Nuka bedding, and you can keep using it for the rest of your life! Even, you can pass it to next generation and can be use it forever!!!!



Workshop location : Melbourne inner north. (Detail will be informed when you booked)
Fee : $95/person/session
Booking : Please fill in this form below and tell us following;
Requested class, date and contact details.

We will contact you within few days. If you don’t receive anything back from us, please contact us


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