Home made shio Koji


Shio-koji is one of the key seasoning in my cooking, so I regularly make it so that it never run out.
My version of Shio-Koji is fermented more than 1 month before using. Long and slow ferment. This length brings deep and complex taste.
(Well, I don’t use fridge, so…actually my Shio-Koji’s fermentation will keep going until I finish it)

So easy to make it by yourself!
What you need is….

Rice koji           300g
Natural salt    100g
Water               300ml

This is the Rice koji I made recently.
Nice and fluffy!

I normally use Australian one, but this time, I used NZ natural sea salt.
You can play with your favourite salt as long as use natural good quality one!

And mix them well !!!!  That’s it.
Actually, it already smells good! When you use good fresh Koji, that’s happens.
Love this moment.

Steam-grilled asparagus with Shio Koji

Feels like “Spring has come” in Melbourne.
This is what I felt last week. And this week…back to winter?


We had Australian grown asparagus this week at the shop I work. The first asparagus of the season!! We call it “Hatsumono (初物)” in Japanese and there is a saying with this word. When eat Hatsumono, your life will be extended for another 75 days. Lucky you!

My favorite way to enjoy asparagus is steam-grilled asparagus with Shio Koji. The sweetness of asparagus can be enjoyed as mush as possible, I believe.


Nothing complicated, simple & easy.
Pour little oil into the pan.
Put asparagus onto the heated pan.
Leave it for a minute.
Pour little bit of water and put lid on! (steam-grilling!)
Take the lid off, and mix it with little bit of Shio Koji.
Serve with crushed black pepper.

3 min cooking xx

Morning precious time with Miso toast


Do you start your day with toast?
Have you tried spread miso on toast?

This is the easiest way to use Miso paste,
quick and yummy. It’s healthy and gives you a energy to start your day!
(Make sure you use properly aged miso!)



You don’t need much. Just spread little bit.
If you use butter, it works perfectly.
(Miso x butter is magically works!!)

Do you have avocado today?
If so, you can put sliced of avocado on top of it!
It is more than YUMMY.


Today, I sit outside, had this slice of toast, looked my garden and beautifully blossomed neighbour’s Cherry tree.  Quick. Easy and my body feels so good. It was only 10 min, but absolutely precious time before going to work!


Miso cucumber

Happy new year xx
Hope you had a good one!!

This is my summer memory flavour.
Freshly picked from garden cucumber and home made miso.
This is what my family believes the best way to eat cucumber.


My dad has a garden and he grows most of vegetables through the year.
Every summer, we had heaps of cucumbers, tomatoes, corns, eggplants….and more and more. When I was young, his garden was my playground.



We had this Miso cucumber quite often during summer.
It was a joy of summer.

Now I have my own garden and grow some vegetable. Today, I found little cute cucumber. The first one in this season.


Of course, I wanted to eat it in this way as I grew up.

You can even cut in half.


Dip the miso..

and…bite into it!!

Cucumber is full of water and potassium, which makes your body cooler. (Yes, summer vegetable!)
Eat it with Miso gives you a good balance.

If you are not growing vegetable,
try to get fresh one from farmers market.
This is very simple dish, freshness is very important !!
Of course, with good Miso 🙂

Miso Mayo

Miso x Mayo.


Have you noticed this is a great combination?
Miso bring a deeper taste and flavour in ordinary Mayo.

Very easy. Just mix both.
What a easy way to make gourmet mayo.
You can also put chopped caper if you like.


For example, you can serve with raw vegetable.



Also cucumber, carrot, cabbage is recommended♪
simple yummy dish.

This dip is also good as spread for your sandwich.





Taste the difference.
Merry Christmas
Have a great miso time xx

Our miso will be at the market this week


This wednesday, 11/11/2015, we will be at Blender Lane Artist market, Melbourne CBD. 5:00pm to 10:00pm.
Those who are around Melbourne, please come and check this cool market.
You can find lots of hand made craft, art and design!
Of course, you can taste our home made Miso, too!!

See you there.
Benders lane Artist Market
110 Franklin St, Melbourne CBD 3000