My report about Japan ♪

-Sea salt making in Japan
-Visiting a Soy sauce brewer in Shodoshima
– DASHI – Base of Japanese cooking
– Suribachi !! Great tool for Japanese cooking
– This is the RICE KOJI !!  Report of all hand process Rice Koji shop in Niigata
– Try “Koji drink” @ cafe in Japan !
– Beautiful handwork – Tenugui – Japanese traditional handtowel
– Japanese horse radish “Wa Sa Bi”
– It’s real organic Japanese tea !!
– Miso shop in Japan

2 thoughts on “Report

  1. Arigatou gozaimashita 🙂 Tanoshikatta desu ….the towel making…so carefully made and very beautiful.
    Best wishes from Odette in UK . I would like some of these myself !

    • Thank you very much, Odette.
      I think it is important to keep traditional method in some field, and this is one of it.
      I imported some of their towels, and they will be available soon.

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