Home made shio Koji


Shio-koji is one of the key seasoning in my cooking, so I regularly make it so that it never run out.
My version of Shio-Koji is fermented more than 1 month before using. Long and slow ferment. This length brings deep and complex taste.
(Well, I don’t use fridge, so…actually my Shio-Koji’s fermentation will keep going until I finish it)

So easy to make it by yourself!
What you need is….

Rice koji           300g
Natural salt    100g
Water               300ml

This is the Rice koji I made recently.
Nice and fluffy!

I normally use Australian one, but this time, I used NZ natural sea salt.
You can play with your favourite salt as long as use natural good quality one!

And mix them well !!!!  That’s it.
Actually, it already smells good! When you use good fresh Koji, that’s happens.
Love this moment.

Simmered Pumpkin ~Delightful home dish~


Just 20 min for mum’s taste.
Japanese typical home dish, simmered pumpkin. It’s soft and sweet.
Try my easy (lazy?) way 😛

Remove the pumpkin seeds and cut the pumpkin into bite-size.
(If you like, you can bevel the edges of the pumpkin, it helps to remain the shape while simmering.
it looks nicer, but! I prefer to cook in shorter time –> so I don’t.)


Place the pumpkin with the skin side down in the pot.

Pour enough water into the pot.

Seasonings are just these.
2 table spoons of soy sauce.
2 table spoons of Mirin
2 table spoons of honey (or sugar)


Soy sauce



Then, bring it to boil.

Once it boiled, cover with a drop-lid and simmer over a low heat.
If you don’t have drop-lid, you can use aluminium foil in stead.

This is my favorite drop-lid with pig face on it ↓
Steam can go through from his nose.

Put back the lid again and keep simmer for about 10 min.

Check if it is cooked. Mmm, it looks bit more to cook.

Now it looks good.

You can eat now, but try to leave this for 30 to hour.
Taste become better !!

It is always mum’s taste!