Shio-Koji ~Salt Koji~

A miracle Japanese seasoning ….Shio Koji.
Have you heard of it? Have you used it already?
It is imported from Japan to Australia, you can find it in Asian grocery store.
(I found it at some store in Melbourne)

You can get it from shops, but it is sooooooo good if you make it by your own.
You can get all the benefit of Koji bacteria from the one you made at home,
because you don’t have to heat treatment it, which means, all Koji bacteria and enzymes are active,
and work for your food and for your body!!!
Details will be introduced later :-p, but It brings you lots of benefits!!!


It is so easy to make it, so why don’t you try?
What you need is…. Rice koji, Salt and water !!!
Salt can be 10% to 30% of Koji quantity.


Prepare Koji and Salt as below.

Then pour water.

Then mix well.

Leave it for 1 week (summer) to 2 weeks (winter).
During this period, you don’t need to put it into the fridge,
because it’s fermentation period~~~~!!!!

Mix it once a day. Add water if the paste seems too hard.
Taste a little every day. You will notice the taste changes.
At first, you feel strong salty taste, but gradually it become mild.
Also you can taste Umami, too.
When you taste Umami and mild saltiness, it is ready to use.
At this stage, it looks like this.

Can you see the changes from the day you pour the water?
It fermente well!

Now, It’s better to keep it in fridge.
Your cooking range will expand by this Shio koji!!
Yummy recipes to use Shio koji will be introduced in this blog ♫
Enjoy cooking with koji !