Today’s brekkie


All of sudden, it became cold in Melbourne. And all of sudden, I felt that I wanted to do something “Right for me”, which is to make proper Japanese brekkie.

Under this weather, I prefer cooked veggie. In Japanese cooking, we often use “simmer” technic、 because it is believed that raw veggie (salad etc) will make your body and guts cold, which we want to avoid. Dried food is perfect for simmer food, because we can get Dashi (Yummy stock) from dried food when we soak them in the water!

We often says “Eat 30 different things a day” and it is not so difficult when you eat Japanese food. For example, it’s already 27 from this morning.

Bi-Dynamic short grain rice
Black sesame seed

Miso soup
Dried taro stem (From dad’s garden)
Dried Dikon soaked water (as Dashi)
Dried little fish (as Dashi)
Home made 1 year miso (Soy, Rice koji, Sea salt)

This dried taro stem, perfect preserved food!! I wasn’t fan of this when I was kid, but now like them so much.

After dried, cut in small pieces, and use for soup, simmering…etc all through the year.

Pumpkin skin Kinpira
This is basically the off-skin when I made simmered pumpkin.
Waste food recycle. Every time I cook pumpkin, I make this, just extra 2-3 min work and get another little dish.

Pumpkin skin
Soy sauce
Buckwheat grain as garnish.

Simmered Pumpkin
Pumpkin (from our garden!!)
Shio koji
This is cooked with Shio koji, but check how to cook here. It’s sweeter version.

Simmered Kiriboshi Daikon 
Check how to make here

Kiriboshi Daikon (Dad’s Dried Daikon)
Spring onion from the garden
Goji berries (I wanted to use carrot, but there is none, so use Goji berries to add some colour!)

Pickles 1
Ginger pickled in Rice vinegar

Pickles 2
– Nuka (Rice bran) pickling
Cucumber (From the garden!)
Pink radish
Purple radish

I felt so right after having this meal.
I realised again, beauty of Japanese food is not used “oil” so much, but still very yummy.

Home breakfast in Japan

Here are some of my breakfast photos at parents while I was visiting them in Japan.
I thought it was interesting to share, because they look very different from western ones.

Now I live in Melbourne and have very different breakie (or even skip breakie) what I used to have with them,
but every year when I visit them, I enjoy typical(?) style Japanese breakfast.

It looks a lot, but many Japanese eat a lot from the morning.
Of course, it needs lots of preparation, but people make it for family.
Sometimes some left over from the dinner might be served.(It often happen in my family)
There is no natto in these photos, but sometimes natto will be served, too. (yum!)

Nothing special, everyday breakie at my parents since I was little.
-Rice with 5 grains
-Miso soup (Daikon + fried tofu)
-Nimono (fish cakes, bamboo shoot, Shitake mushroom, ginger)
-Fish cooked vinegar soy + grated Daikon
-Cod roe
-Rolled egg with spinach
-Cucumber with Shio koji + Japanese herb
-Green tea

-Rice with 5 grains
-Miso soup (egg, Daikon leaf)
Kiriboshi Diakon (Dried Daikon, carrot, shiitake mushroom)
-Fish cooked with Miso, grated Daikon
-Okura with bonito flakes
Ama koji (Amazake)
-Potato salad
-Takuan (Pickled Daikon) and Cucumber Nukazuke)
-Barley tea

-Rice with 5 grains
-Miso soup (Daikon)
-Ama koji (Amazake)
-Grated yam
-Green leaves with bonito flakes
-Cucumber Nukazuke
-Grilled Salmon
-Kiriboshi Daikon
-Barley tea

-Miso soup (Onion)
-Cauliflower cooked with egg
-Cod roe
-Pea with sesame sauce
-Pickled cucumber
-Pickled Daikon

-Miso soup (cabbage)
-Fish cake, onion, carrot cooked with soy sauce
-Teriyaki fish fillet
-Steamed egg plant
-Pickled cucumber
-Pickled Daikon
-crown daisy with enoki mushroom
-Barley tea

-Miso soup (Wakame + tofu)
-Grilled egg plant with ginger
-Grilled egg with lettuce and tomato
-Grated daikon + enoki mushroom
-Pickled Daikon
-Ama koji (Amazake)
-Cabbage cooked with salmon

Tamago kake Gohan – today’s my breakfast (Asa gohan)


Today’s breakfast, main dish is…simply this!!
It’s Tamago kake Gohan, meaning, rice with poured raw egg.
We often have this for breakfast.
I guess, because it is very quick and yummy.
Good for morning.(Time is limited in the morning!!!)


Side dishes were
Kiriboshi Daikon
Radish Pickles
as I introdued before.
And of course, Miso soup with full of Wakame seaweed.

Back to the main dish.
Egg! Important.
It have to be a very fresh one.

Then break the egg.


Add some Soy sauce.

Now need bit work with rice.
Make a little dent so that egg can stay.
(Actually, this is just for looks)

Then place the braked egg onto the rice.

See? Looks nice.

Then, start eating!!
Mix the egg with rice.


If you like, add some more soy sauce.

Eat eat eat.

If you can not use chopsticks well, don’t hesitate to use spoon.
This Tamago kake gohan is very slimy.

To make this dish yummy,
it is important to use good soy sauce, too.
I used this.

This soy sauce needed 2 years to be completed.
Following traditional method, carefully made. Amazingly, full of umami.
I visited this soy sauce store house while I am in Japan,
the report of my visit will come shortly.
If you are interested to purchase, it is available. Please contact me.

Japanese weekend brunch

Here is easy Japanese breakie & lunch for the day you slept in.

Omusubi (rice balls), miso soup, rolled egg and pickles.
Perfect !

Make dashi for miso soup.


Cook rice and make rice balls as you like.


While cooking rice, make rolled egg.



Add some mirin.


And start making it.



Roll roll roll.




Then back to soup.
Cook some vegetable ( I used Daikon for this day) in dashi soup, and add fried tofu.
(For miso soup, you can put anything you like, that is good thing about miso soup. No rules)
Take some miso paste in the ladle. Then let it dissolve in the soup.


Serve with spring onion.


Of course, enjoy with Japanese tea.
This is my favorite sannen bancha from Happy Mukojima farm. Click here for my report.


Have some pickles from your fridge, too!
Click here how to make this pickles.
Then it become proper Japanese breakie or lunch.

Itadakimasu !

Grilled Salmon ~ Awesome Koji benefit !! ~


Typical Japanese breakfast set !! Rice, Miso soup and grilled salmon.

This salmon is amazing! It is not just a grilled salmon.
It have to be marinated with Koji !!! (Ama-Koji or Shio-Koji)
The flavor will changed dramatically.

I cannot go back to normal salmon any more.

Koji is amazingly full of enzymes. It is often said “Koji is a mine of enzymes”.
One of the main enzyme in Koji is called “PROTEASE“.
This enzyme works for protein in food, such as salmon.
It makes food soft (one process of digestion).
The protein which was broke into small pieces converts to amino acid, which is Umami.

To shorten, Koji makes protein softer and yummier.

But! The Koji has to be raw, not the one with heat sterilisation,
because heat sterilisation will kill protease function of breaking down protein into small pieces.
Most of the Ama-Koji and Shio-Koji from shop in package are sold after heat treatment.
Therefore, you need to make your own one at home so that you can get all benefit from Koji.
(Here is how to make your Ama-Koji and Shio-Koji)

So if you have salmon at home, maybe try to marinate your salmon with row active Koji once.
Preparation is nothing compare to how yummy the salmon will be.


At first, put the salt on the salmon and leave for a while.
Get rid of water/liquid from salmon. Wipe well.

Then place your salmon on the kitchen paper. Covered your salmon with it.
Put your Ama-Koji or Shio-Koji onto it.

Then wrap it.

Leave for over night at least in the fridge. Even 1 or 2 days.
You can even keep in freezer if you prepared a lot.

Just grill the marinated salmon !!
You will find the difference already when you are grilling. Smell beautiful.
But be careful, it will be burnt easily.
Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 0.55.28

Tamago-yaki ~Japanese Rolled Egg~

One of the most popular Japanese side dish (Okazu) for lunch box!
It’s Tamago-yaki.
Everyone loves it.
It adds nice colour into your lunch ♪
I make it with Mirin & Shio-Koji. Sometimes with Dashi, sometimes with sugar.

It is not difficult to make!
Try for your tomorrow’s lunch.



Then add Shio-Koji (option)
I think, this Shio-koji makes Tamago-yaki taste yummy and mild,
but this is not essential!


Then pour some Mirin ! This bring this Tamago-yaki nice and soft sweetness.



Beat them well.

Oh, sometimes I add little bit of green bits.
Today, I had beans, so chopped them and added into egg.


Prepare pan, pour little bit of oil and heat it.


Then pour the egg into the pan.
First, pour half of egg.


Then start rolling it !



Then bring the rolled egg into your side.


Start again! Pour rest of egg into the pan.


and spread it all over the pan.


Then start rolling again.




Teda~~. Done!!

But if you make the rolled egg more nicely rolled shape,
you can use Makisu (rolling mat) !!
If your rolled egg didn’t go well, this rolling mat will fix it!
Try it when egg is still hot.


Wait until it cools down, then open it !
See? Nice and rolled!


Then cut whatever your size.
I normally cut for lunch box size.


In lunch box, it looks like this.

Mmmmm, I need red or orange colour in this lunch box though.

Or like this. Tamago-yaki is pretty popular thing in the lunch box.

Sometimes we have this Tamago-yaki as breakie.
Here is a very standerd Japanese breakie. Of course, will be served with rice and miso soup !!