Miso marinaded grilled Salmon


Salmon fillet in your fridge?
Wanna try something new?

What about Miso marinade!!

First, place your salmon fillet on the kitchen paper.

Then sprinkle some salt on the fillet and leave it until water comes out.
Wipe the water with paper towel.

Now, prepare Miso sauce.
Use unpasteurised Miso paste if you can.

Then add some Mirin to make the miso paste softer. This makes easy to spread on the fillet as well as giving some sweetness to the miso sauce.
Something like this.

Now, spread this prepared miso sauce around the fillet!
Leave it for few hours to few days. Probably 1 day marinade is my favourite, but depend on my time and schedule, sometimes I cook within few hours, sometimes after few days. No stress.
While marinading, Miso’s enzyme works on salmon’s protein – changes this protein into Umami!! This is the beauty of using¬†unpasteurised Miso!!

Then grill it! or Oven it! until it become nice and golden! Crispy on surface.
Miso sauce can easily get burnt, so make sure you put aluminum foil on top or grill on low heat.


I would normally serve this with rice, but out of stock today! so I served with burgur. Japanese food meets middle eastern! It worked quite all right.
Miso sauce on top of the fillet become nicely caramelised golden brown, this colour and smell stimulate appetite! The saltiness of Miso is perfectly matches with salmon.  Yum.


Veggie & Baby Octopus Miso Stew


Getting cold in Melbourne. Good season for stew.
What about nice and hot yummy stew for this weekend?

Prepare before band.
Dip octopus in Shio Koji over night or even 1 day.

This step is not difficult, but make obvious taste and texture difference.
Shio Koji (Koji bacteria) makes octopus softer!!
Shio Koji (Koji bacteria) increase Umami in octopus. Means this octopus become yummier!!

Let’s start cooking Miso stew!
I tell you first, it is very easy !! Basically, just cut vegetables and cook in the pot!

First, make “Dashi”. Soup base.
No need to prepare everything thought.

Konbu (Seaweed)
Shiitake mushroom
Bonito flakes
Small dried fish
Dried Daikon (White radish)

This is Dried Daikon. ( It’s home made)

Put all in the pot and pour water. Soak them for 3 hours if you can.
(If you don’t have time, you don’t have to wait for 3 hours. Just start cooking straight away)


Then cook over low flame.

While you are making Dashi soup, cut the vegetables. Then add all vegetable into the Dashi pot.

Oh, and zucchini, too!!



Add baby octopus as well!

Add Miso paste.

You can melt Miso in ladle.

Cook for 45 min in low flame. Cook gently and slowly.
It goes well with both rice and bread.
Very soft octopus (thanks Shio Koji!). It is amazingly full of flavor.