Miso shop in Japan

The number of miso shops in Japan is getting less,  but still, there are nice shops around.  You can find it in middle of Tokyo, too.

I would like to introduce this Miso specialty ship in Gotanda. (inside of Yamanote line)
Sakamoto Shoten. Nice shop face, isn’t it?


You can buy Miso by weight here.DSC00791

Can you see all different type of Miso? Exciting !!!


There are little backs for someone who wants to try little bit, but many different Miso.
All 100 yen. (About A$1)

These are the Miso I got this time, comes from different areas, different ingredients, different methods.
You can simply enjoy its taste first.
You will notice how different taste they have.
From sweet one to strong flavor one !!
Blending Miso is another exciting thing!! (You can create your own type miso by blending)


Or, enjoy Miso soup, your natural healthy intravenous of the day!!