Onion Miso


I want you to try making this Onion Miso. It’s pretty good!!
Last few months, I mostly use this miso for my miso soup.

100g   Onion
100g   Aged Miso

Mince the onion. Mix with Miso paste.Leave it in the jar.
You can start using straight away, but if you leave it, onion become brown (Miso pickled onion!) and become quite yummy.


This one is just made 10 min ago. Fresh one.

I felt little bit cold, then I thought, ” I need onion miso  soup right away to get rid of my cold from my body!!” so I made new jar.

Good thing about this onion miso is… you can take all of raw onion goodies, such as keeping the blood in a smooth state with a low viscosity,  helping absorb B1, antioxidant and promoting fat burning etc. as well as miso goodies!!

Normally it is too strong to eat raw onion so it need to be put in the water, but you don’t need to do that for this onion Miso.


And from the onion extract, this miso become milder. Even sweeter. I recommend to use aged miso than young /white miso for this onion miso since young/white miso with onion might become too sweet. (we want good balance of saltiness for Miso soup!)

Normally I use Dashi to make miso soup, but I also understand, you might feel too tired to make Dashi for a cup of Miso soup!  Why you bother! But wait! You don’t need to go instant!
If you are too busy or too tired to make Dashi, go with this onion Miso. Even without Dashi,without adding any vegetables, you cam make tasteful enough miso soup from this onion miso! (of course, you can use Dashi and use this onion miso! )

Of course, not only for miso soup, you can use for other cookings as well! Dressing, dipping sauce, marinade fish/meat….infinite usage 🙂

Keep the jar in the fridge!  Hope you enjoy it xx

Miso soup ~Japanese everyday soup~


There are many saying about Miso soup in Japan.
“A cup of miso soup in the morning is a great detox”
“Spend money to the Miso shops, not to the doctors”
“Miso soup is the elixir of life” etc.

All means Miso soup is good for you!

Miso soup is NOT a special soup.
It is everyday’s basic easy essential soup.
Why don’t you make Miso soup more casually?

There are many different ways to make Miso soup,
There are many different ingredients to use as well.
There are many different variations, that’s why it is fun to make, depend of your feeling, you can create your own Miso soup.

At first, prepare Dashi, soup base.
I use seaweed, Konbu! Crack them into small pieces.
(Because I want to eat this Konbu as well, as one of ingredients)

And then, I use bonito flakes, too.
I prefer thick one, but today I run out of it, so used thin one.

And~~ I also use dried mushroom, Shiitake.

I use many things for making Dashi. It makes deep flavor. So yummy.
All of them (Konbu, Bonito flakes and mushrooms) become ingredients of Miso soup, so that’s OK.
This is your preference. You can only use one of them or two of them.
If you like, you can add more different one ♪ Enjoy Dashi world!!

Now, pour water into the pot. Leave the pot few hours if you can.
(If you don’t have time, that’s OK. Just go to next step)
When dried mushroom become soft, you can cut it like this.
What I am trying to do is,,,,eat everything, even stone of mushroom.



If you can cut it into small pieces like this, then it now become ingredients. It is not rubbish anymore.
Heat up the pot in low heat.

Main ingredients for today’s Miso soup are….
Onion and potatos~~!


Cut them and add into the dashi, in the pot.

Then heat it until boiling.

Once it cooked, turn off the heat and add Miso Paste.
(If you have an interested in making your own Miso, click here)


It is really nice if you can add 2 different type of Miso, if you have more than 1.
It bring you a deep flavor.

Te dah~~.
Today’s Miso soup.
Onion and Potato Miso soup.
Add spring onion on top if you have.


Because we are all busy, it is better if it’s “Easy” to cook.
But,,,you are what you eat!!
What you eat everyday is very important.
So, it is better if it’s “Nutritious” and “healthy” as well as “Yummy”.

That is my theme in cooking.
I hope you are also enjoying “Easy”, “Yummy”, “Nutritious” and “Healthy” cooking with this blog!!

Making Miso in Melbourne (Vol.2)

This is the report of making Miso in Summer. Is it reckless?
In Japan, we normally make miso during Winter (or early Spring),
so it might be a not good idea. but who cares.
I have reasons to try.
First, I know that I will have Miso shortage if I wait next winter to make my own Miso.
Secondly, I wanted to try it, purely. I want to know it it works in Summer Melbourne.

I used same Salt & Koji for this time as before,
but of course, any salt, koji would be fine. (Better to get good quality one though)


Cook soaked soybeans until it become REALLY soft.
Make sure soybeans is REALLY soft.
From my experiences, I realised this is very important for miso making.


While cooking soybeans, prepare salt and Koji.
Here, this is my first try.
(There are so many ways to make miso)
Make salted water first (use water from cooking soybeans pot) and mix with Koji.

Looks wet. Yes, it is wet.

When soybeans become really soft, then mash them.
For mash soybeans, there are several ways.
For example,
You can put them in the plastic bag them mash them by hand over the plastic bag.
You can simply mash them like mashed potato.
You can use Suribachi(すり鉢)
You can use food processor.

I used Suribach this time!


However, my sribachi is very small (><).
It is full of soybeans~. Therefore, I had to divide soybeans into several times.
Then, move mashed soybeans into another bowl.


If you mash really well, your miso become smooth miso.
If you mash roughly, then your miso become chunky.
It is your preference, really.

When you mashed all soybeans (good work!), then mix it with koji in salted water.


Now, mix well! Fun time~~!!!



When you think “it’s enough!!”, then make small balls like this.
Miso balls!


Now, put them into container.
It’s better to use big container, but I wanted to try to use small container,
which I think appropriate size for Melbourne miso lovers.
I used yoghurt containers like these.


Clean containers well. By hot water or by alcohol.
Then, put your miso balls into the container! Another fun time!!



Fun, isn’t it?
At last, make the surface flat.


Seal well. Shut all air!!


Use a bag of salt as weight.


Then wait~~~~!! for another 6 to 12 months!!
Result will be reported later.


Miso beans

If you get nice fresh beans, what will you make?


I often make sesame seeds beans (Goma-ae), but today, I cooked without it. Just beans marinaded with Miso.
(Because….I used sesame seeds for another dishes. ;-p)

It is very simple but yummy. Looks like this ↓↓


I will show you how to make this. Don’t surprise even it is too easy….
First, boil the beans.


Put aside until it cools down naturally.


While waiting for beans cool down, let’s make miso marinade sause. Prepare, Miso and Mirin
(You can use Honey or suger, instead of Mirin)


Mix well. I use traditional “Suri Bachi”. It is an earthenware mortar, often used for grinding sesame seeds.
(Reference for people in Melbourne!! I found “Suri Bachi” at Clifton Hill kitchen-wear shop near the post office :-p )

My favorite Mirin : Mikawa Mirin


Now cut the beans into mouth size.


Put then into the marinated miso bowl.


Mix them!!

That’s all!! Easy, isn’t it?



This Miso beans can be often found in Japanese breakfast !!

Ama-koji Miso sauce potato

Easy side dish for your dinner! Natural sweetness is melt in your mouth.


Miso, Ama-koji (Sweet koji) and potato. What a easy ingredients!!

Boil or steam potatos.
I used 2 different types of potatos to enjoy different texture.


Mix Miso and Ama-koji.


Mix your Ama-koji miso and just steamed potatos.


Ready to serve~.
Simple, therefore you can enjoy the natural tastes of the ingredients!! Itadakimasu !!


Miso shop in Japan

The number of miso shops in Japan is getting less,  but still, there are nice shops around.  You can find it in middle of Tokyo, too.

I would like to introduce this Miso specialty ship in Gotanda. (inside of Yamanote line)
Sakamoto Shoten. Nice shop face, isn’t it?


You can buy Miso by weight here.DSC00791

Can you see all different type of Miso? Exciting !!!


There are little backs for someone who wants to try little bit, but many different Miso.
All 100 yen. (About A$1)

These are the Miso I got this time, comes from different areas, different ingredients, different methods.
You can simply enjoy its taste first.
You will notice how different taste they have.
From sweet one to strong flavor one !!
Blending Miso is another exciting thing!! (You can create your own type miso by blending)


Or, enjoy Miso soup, your natural healthy intravenous of the day!!

Making Miso in Melbourne


Miso making by simple ingredients. Only Soybeans, Salt and Koji.
Left = Sea salt ( Bought from health food store at Smith Street)
Right : Rice Koji (Brought from Japan) *Rice Koji is now available from Fuji Mart in South Yarra, Melbourne.


Cook soaked soybeans until it become soft.

Mmmm, looks still hard. Need to cook bit more.
This time, we didn’t have enough time to cook soybeans.
When you start making miso, make sure you have enough time !! If you cook soybeans really soft, then everything goes easy after that.

Now, smashing cooked soybeans.
We tried to use many different smash tools.
(If soybeans is soft in this stage, you can just press them by hands with no problem)
Friends were cooking other thing, so pumpkin and potatos on the table is not for Miso ♪

We used food processor, too ! (it was quick)
Now, mix smashed soybeans and Rice Koji+Salt.

Mix well. Mix well.

Soybeans seems bit too wet. But don’t worry. Koji will work for you well for another 6 to 12 months
then hope they make yummy Miso at the end !
So, just mix Soybeans and Koji well at this stage.


Now you need to put them into container to keep 6 to 12 months.
Put them tightly, so that no air in the container.
If there are air pockets, then it might cause for having molds.

Make the surface to flat.

Put the plastic wrap on the surface, then place lid.
Store it in cool place for about 6 months at least.
Normally, I store 12 months. (Some people store 3 years!!)

Miso growing report will be following !!!

Making Miso From Scratch

First you will need some Koji. You can buy these from a Koji shop, ins Japanese supermarkets on over the Internet. It comes in a plastic packet and it looks like rice.

Thats because it is rice, mostly. Rice Koji is the bacteria surrounding the rice. The bag on the left is Koji and the bag on the right is salt.

Next you want to combine the salt and Koji in a big bowl. Mix it well with your hands.

Now you need to prepare the soy beans. We recommend using dried soy beans that have been soaked in water overnight. You then need to cook them for a few hours on a low heat until they are soft enough to squash easily with your fingers.

The soy beans need to be mashed into a paste. There are lots of ways to do this. You can use a mortar and pestle, a food processor, whatever is easiest. This time we used  a plastic bag and mashed them with our hands and a wooden rolling pin.

It took a little while.

But we got there. Once the beans are a pretty consistent paste, add them to the koji and salt prepared earlier.

And mix them together too.

You might need to add a bit of water from the boiled soybeans to soften the mix up. The softness should be the same as what you want the final miso paste to be. The texture will be the same. Once you have the texture right you need to roll the paste into balls about the size of a baseball.

Now the fun part. Put a plastic bag into a bucket or pot and throw the balls in one by one. You do this to get rid of all the air bubbles.

Now give the paste a flat surface and sprinkle a bit of salt on the top.

Seal the plastic bag airtight making sure you get all the air out. A really good way of doing this is to push as much with your hands then use a straw to suck out the very last bit of air.

Finally, after you’ve tied the plastic bag, weigh it down with another bag of salt. This will also keep the temperature cool.

Store the pot for 6 months. Some where out of the sun and out of the way.

Stay tunned and we’ll show you how it turns out!