It’s real Organic Japanese Tea !!

Today is not the story of Koji. A bit side story, but so essential to enjoy Japanese food.

Do you know what are these leaves?

Yes! These are the leaves for Green Tea.
I would like to introduce organic tea farm I visited,
they produce really yummy organic Japanese Tea! I am a big supporter for this farm and their tea!

This is called Mukojima-En, a Happy Natural Tea Farm in Shizuooka, Japan.

Totally organic, pesticide free, growing tea tree without the use of chemical fertilizers.
Totally happy tea farm. Such a peaceful place.


Why they are growing tea tree with pesticide free, chemical fertilizers free?
They simply said “Treasure all living on this earth”
Their tea was introduced in one of the world famous cooking Manga – Oishinbo (Vol.101) as well.

Now, do you know how these leaves become yummy Green Tea? Quick explanation.

Step 1
Reap tea leaves. Put the leaves into carrying bags (it’s huge!) and bring back to indoor work place.
(There are 4 reaping season in a year from spring to autumn)
From same tree, it can be Green Tea, Brown Tea etc, depend of the season, depend on the process.

Step 2
Steam tea leaves

Step 3
Little by little, drying tea leaves in many different ways.
Depend on how long leaves in the each process,
tea taste can be different. (By 0.1 second will make difference !!! Just Wow!)
To set up each process time, you have to look tea leaves condition very well.
They are using machine to dry teas, but it is not automatic.
To make better tea, Mukojima-en adjust all machine by hand,
so the master of Mukojima-en ever sleep one they put the leaves into the machine,
because he needs to check leaves condition all the time.
(He looks really really busy and moving a lot from one machine to another, from one farm to another)
It was really 職人技!

Different machines – drying tea leaves

For all process, it takes 2 – 4 hours to make fine tea.
(If it is first green tea, it takes 4 hours)

I personally likes their “Sannen-Bancha” very much.

“Sannen” menas 3 years.
This tea is waited 3 years to mature.
During this 3 years makes this tea to enrich in taste and to increase health benefits,
for example, low in caffeine (suitable for all ages from baby to elderly people), rech in antioxidants and iron,
also rich in vitamin A, B1 and B2.

This is the happy farm Mukojima-en family.
Thank you for making yummy safety organic tea for us!!


In Australia, you can try their …..
Organic Sannen-Bancya
Organic Green tea
Organic Japanese herb tea (Peppermint houji-cha)

Also, “how to make yummy Japanese tea” workshop will be held in Melbourne this winter!!