Vegan zucchini potage


I planted 4 zucchini sprouts this year, and they producing so much zucchini every day! More than I can handle for family of 2. My instagram and facebook post become all about zucchini, I’m sure my friends are sick of my zucchini posts, but when you have more produce than what you can consume,  your head space is filled with it! Asking friends if they want some, giving away to neighborhood, thinking about new recipes…..


Happy zucchini.

Melbourne weather is all over the place as usual, Feb is officially summer but since yesterday’s afternoon, it became like winter. Gray & windy. I am wearing ugg boots and already missing summer!  Having this weather for a half day, and all of sudden I realised I forgot to make soup! I love making soup from veggie. OH! this is it. The way to consume lots of zucchini! Zucchini potage! So I started making this potage 10 min to midnight 🙂

But my vegan potage is very simple and easy.


Shio koji
Soy milk to adjust final texture (option)

I normally use 1 onion for any type of veggie potage. slice them. If you have celery and carrot, add some slices of them. It bring nice aroma, not too strong, but just nice. I didn’t have them, I made with simply with onion & zucchini only.  Easily cut/slice zucchini as well. Put them in the pot. I cut 5 zucchini, including 1 super giant size.
Add 2-3 table spoon of Shiokoji on top depend on how much zucchini is there.
Put the lid on and cook without water. (If you are afraid of burning it, you can just pour a bit of water) I don’t touch it, I don’t even mix it. Just leave it.


All the juice come out from zucchini, and start smelling SO beautiful from combination with ShioKoji. Already yum. Very rich aroma.  Zucchini is covered by their own juice, and become very soft.  Blend them with hand blender.
Add soy milk to adjust texture if you like.

That’s all. Actual working time is less than 5 min.
Wash veggies, cut veggies, add Shio Koji. Blend them.

If the day is hot, you can enjoy as cold soup. For like today, Melbourne’s cold weather, we want hot version for sure. With nice sourdough from Loafer bread organic bakery.



Having soup in the pot makes me so happy and my weekend become nice & cozy with it. Hope my knitting project finish before proper winter comes!


Feb & Mar Workshop schedule

We started to take booking for Feb & Mar workshops from this week!
Some Feb’s schedule has be changed, so please check it again.

Copy of Feb & Mar Workshop schedule

Copy of Feb & Mar Workshop schedule (5)

Copy of Feb & Mar Workshop schedule (6)

New workshop!
“Shio Koji making & cooking”
We are so happy to start running this workshop, as we have many requests from people who loves Japanese and fermentation foods.
Once you have Shio-koji in your pantry, you can’t live without it. It is so good!!
Of course, the one you make your own is SO different from what you can get from shops! I’m sure this is going to be very useful seasoning for your cooking! Check it out!

Nuka duke – rice bran pickling is also newish, this might be a start of your fermented life, very interesting world is there. So fascinating!!

Any private workshop request, also any functions, parties and events inquiry, please send us message.

If you have any questions about workshop, ask us from here.
Or simply send us email

See you at the workshop xx  or somewhere on the street 🙂

Home made shio Koji


Shio-koji is one of the key seasoning in my cooking, so I regularly make it so that it never run out.
My version of Shio-Koji is fermented more than 1 month before using. Long and slow ferment. This length brings deep and complex taste.
(Well, I don’t use fridge, so…actually my Shio-Koji’s fermentation will keep going until I finish it)

So easy to make it by yourself!
What you need is….

Rice koji           300g
Natural salt    100g
Water               300ml

This is the Rice koji I made recently.
Nice and fluffy!

I normally use Australian one, but this time, I used NZ natural sea salt.
You can play with your favourite salt as long as use natural good quality one!

And mix them well !!!!  That’s it.
Actually, it already smells good! When you use good fresh Koji, that’s happens.
Love this moment.

Sautéed asparagus with Shio-Koji


How easy!
5 min will bring you a juicy asparagus dish.
One of my favorite dish with Australian vegetable.

Here is easy steps.

Step 1.
Heat olive oil in the pan and place cut asparagus.
Leave asparagus as it is until the surface gets lightly burnt.

Step 2.
Once it gets lightly burnt, pour some water to make it steamed.
Add shio-koji at this point, then put lid on.



Step 3.
When it steamed nicely, sprinkle black pepper on it.

Step 4.
Serve on a plate and enjoy !!
You will surprise how juicy it is!!

Shio-Koji Daikon Steak !

This is really good.
If you have Shio-Koji, please try.
Daikon(White radish) become so sweet and so juicy in just few steps.
It might be my favorite Daikon dish.

Step 1: Cut Daikon.

I used only upper part, because this part is sweeter than lower part.

Cut into about 2cm – 3 cm.

Step 2: Steam them first.
If you have steamer, you can use it.
I don’t have it, so I used normal pan with bit of water.



Step 3 : Prepare marinade sauce. Only 2 ingredients.
Shio-Koji & Soy Sauce.

Shio-Koji (2 table spoons)

Add soy sauce (2 tea spoons)


Then mix well.

Step 4 : Marinade Daikon with this shio-koji soy sauce.



Step 5 : Pan grill them!!


For both side until it become golden.

That’s all. Easy huh?
It’s worth trying. Really yummy. Hope you enjoy this Daikon Steak!!


Deep fried summer veggies marinated in Shio-Koji sauce


Well balanced acid taste sour improves your appetite!!
This Shio-Koji special sauce is the tip!!

This is the sauce. Mix all. Adjust each portion according to your favorite taste.
Shio Koji : 1 table spoon
Lemon juice : 1/2 tea spoon
Graded garlic : little bit
Water : 100 ml


Cut vegetables.
Any choices from eggplant, pumpkin, zucchini, Okura etc.

Then deep-fry them without breading or batter!


Mix the fried vegetables with marinate sauce.

Dish up on the cooked rice.
Great combination with rice.
If you use the bowl to serve, then you can call it “Vegetable Don” !!


Snap garden peas with Shio-Koji

Sorry, it might be too easy.
Just boil snap garden peas (snow pea will be good, too) and mix them with Shio-Koji.
No more instruction, but very yummy-.

It is good for starter.
Crispy and naturally sweet.
It’s the taste of the quality ingredients and shio-koji that make these dishes work.
How simple it is!!


Let them cool down.

Now, Shio-koji!

Then mix well.

That’s all you do.

Try with other veggies, too!

For anyone who have no chance to purchase Shio-koji around you shop,
we can send it to you.
Just give us a message.