Shoyu-koji preparation ~Soy Sauce Koji~

Another miracle seasoning is Shoyu-Koji (Soy Sauce Koji) !!
What you need is to wait for a month.
During this time, Koji bacteria works for you.

Here is ingredients to start. Only these !!


Dried Koji (200g) and Say sauce (400 cc)
(When you use raw Koji, then Say sauce will be 300cc)
Please use naturally brewed soy sauce ♪
Prepare a disinfected bottle in boiling water

Put Koji in bottle.

Then pour say sauce.

Then mix well.

Until this looks like this

1st day, Koji in soy sauce looks like this. Looks young :-p

But after few months later, it will look just like this ↓↓
Taste become really good after few months later, but you can start using it approx after 1 month .


Taste it, try it for cooking !!
Umami from soy and additonal Koji, it is really full of umami.
How to use this Shoyu Koji will be introduced following blog.

On the bottle, I normally put label with date I prepared.

On the back, it is useful if you leave the quantities as memo.

7 thoughts on “Shoyu-koji preparation ~Soy Sauce Koji~

  1. Hi
    I am trying out your Shoyu Koji recipe. I was wondering whether I need to weight the koji rice in the jar to ensure an anaerobic fermentation?

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